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We are the creators of our lives. Period. In metaphysical terms, volumes of information have been and will be written, channeled, spoken, and shared to help us get that and to explain how that works. I’m not sure if “We Create Our Own Reality” as a spoken 5-word meme has saturated popular culture globally yet, but I am pretty sure that this awareness, at a fundamental level, at least, is so widespread that only the truly-uninitiated-into-how-things-really-work or those totally-hoodwinked-into-believing-lies might poo poo this idea.

We are intrinsically wired to cherish love, joy, freedom, truth, and life, which are the building blocks of all creation. So, even if we don’t think of our reality with ourselves at the centre of everything, or even if we don’t understand how reality creation works, I have to believe that if you are alive on this planet breathing oxygen with the rest of us, underneath the surface, somewhere, you will feel this - We Create Our Own Reality - no matter how much we might pretend sometimes that we don’t. Life is just set up that way.

The how-this-all-works part is based on the Law of Attraction in a vibrational paradigm and other information you will find on The Rising Way and the AscendoSphere about new or free energy, the ascension of all matter, and inter-creation within a tonal paradigm, for example.  How it works is ever expanding because WE are changing as we are able to open to and perceive more truth, including the truth that we are the universe, we are at the heart of all things, we are the created, and we are the creator - all at the same time because time is an illusion and everything happens at once.  Creators, creation and energy are not stagnant-stuck-in-a-moment-in-time propositions. Creation is fluid and when we are conscious, so are we.

Consciousness, which is ever changing and elegantly simple, never creates the exact same experience twice. That would suggest, that there is a whole lot of creation possible that we have not yet even begun to touch and that it would really be a good idea to get on with the whole we-create-our-own-reality-thing. Now.

Yet, the full embrace of our creatorship and the truth that we create our own reality as a 100%-period-incontrovertible-truth is still elusive to most of us. It is easy to fall into the mind trap to believe this only some or even most of the time, for instance, when things are going well, or when a synchronicity too big to notice as anything else than our exalted creation falls at our feet ready to be picked up and celebrated. When things go wrong or are annoying or frustrating based on our judgments or attitude, the mind is very likely to turn off the awareness that we do create our reality and that we are the most magnificent creators that ever existed and ever will. Attitude and vigilance in neutrally observing ourselves and our levels of consciousness, and an embrace of the truth of who we are - to the best of our ability in every moment no matter what - will make all the difference in the world.

I am writing this article today joyfully creating my reality because I simply chose to express myself on the AscendoSphere and to connect to everyone here. When I had this desire and chose to start writing, I did not know what I wanted to express or where this experience would take me. This is a small but valid example about daring to enjoy the moment - to not create a past moment repetitively, to see 1) how much more there is to create, 2) what potentials we might draw to ourselves, and 3) what sharing we are able to generate. In this case, for me, all of that was wrapped up in a single moment of desire which arose from my heart kakra that was answered by my head kakra and manifested through my belly kakra -- the heart being an undefined space in which I simply felt the potential of connection and the potential of a new expansive experience to be enjoyed, the head being a defined space that delivered the thought that an article would be a good action to take to fulfill the desire that arose from my heart, which I then followed with a conscious choice and a non-defined action from my belly. The action generated through the energy of my belly is non-defined because it can only be defined by those who find the words on this page.

We all have the freedom to dare to enjoy the moment and to choose the full embrace of the fact that we create our own reality. If we have the freedom to do that, we have the freedom to do anything. Even living within a mental matrix with an ego, pre-programmed mind, and personality patterning that all work together to influence us to keep us from knowing and experiencing the truth of who we really are does not take this freedom away. The experiences we choose and manifest, however, do depend on how conscious or unconscious we are. 

The cool thing is we have the freedom to choose how conscious or unconscious we want to be in every moment, too. Ultimately, it - all of it - comes down to choice, which is the coolest thing of all.

That’s how grand we are.

 Amber Adams

Before I dedicated myself to the ascension path, I had been a spiritual seeker for many years. I learned to open my heart, the importance of self-love, and a LOT of spiritual information. It was never enough to fill the underlying feeling that there was much more to learn and to experience to connect to the greater mysteries of the Soul, that despite all of my growth, I could never fully touch. Always passionate about service to others, I walked in many people’s shoes, shared my heart and joy as openly as I could, and created many projects to improve the lives of others. This all changed when I stepped onto the path of personal ascension. There is simply no comparison to anything that came before, especially the direct experience of the eternal love of Ascended Master Teachers and their guidance. To me, the ascension path is the ultimate Hero’s Journey of every Soul and the most expansive, infinite service to others opportunity in all of creation. It is my greatest honor and joy to complete this journey and to openly share my knowledge, experience, and above all, my heart, with you as a member of The Rising Way team – so you, too, can rediscover the Heroes that you truly are and were always meant to be!

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  • Lovely blog, dear Amber! Daring to be in the moment and going with the flow, we can manifest the most beautiful and unexpected creations – like this piece of writing for instance. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

    Love, Jasmine 

  • Great message Amber--thank you! Daring to enjoy the moment is daring to step into the unknown. We only have the now--the 'past' and the 'future' are ideas in our heads. Can we choose an expansive moment? Can we choose to take a step, large or small, out of who we've believed ourselves to be and be something different? This is true change and inevitably we find out that we're much more than whatever we've been thinking. Then why do we resist this process?........

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