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Ekara, in a lecture titled "Mastering the Grand Illusions, part 7" tells us that there really are only two states the mind knows: fear or desire. Fear or Desire. Same energy, one supposedly negative and the other positive. They show up in different frequencies and vibrations according to what suits the mind in that moment. 

Contemplate this for a moment… Only two states. You’re either pulled towards it or you want to run away from it as fast as you can. You either want something or you don’t. It’s quite staggering that those two poles of that same energy basically determine how we perceive reality. 

As ascension students we are expected to drop our habits and our patterns. Some are so deeply imprinted on our DNA – after all we have come in with the same personality construct in place for many, many, many incarnations – that they will show up time and time again. 

Many of those deeply engrained patterns and habits congregate around food. Food is part of the illusions of form and separation, the belief system of a physical body needing sustenance from an external source in order to survive. 

To help us go beyond our patterning, we have changed our eating habits with the guidance of our teachers. Ascended Life has found that when that is left up to the individual, it occupies our minds too much and distracts from what this path is really about: ascension. 

When you start observing your habits around food, you can see how patterned up you truly are, how you’re driven by desires, cravings, likes and dislikes. Processed food is aimed at feeding those cravings and creating addictions to certain substances to keep you dumbed down. It’s just one of the ways the system firmly pushes the lid on expanding consciousness. 

I am one of these ascension students who has a “food thing”. I love everything connected with food and the preparation thereof. There is nothing about food that the personality doesn’t like – and that is what I have to let go of because there just is too much focus on something that will eventually go anyway. 

There are a few things I recently learned that I’m sure not many people know, which gave me a much deeper understanding of just how much we are programmed when it comes to our eating habits. One thing that really floored me is the fact that archetypes live in fat cells. The chubbier you are, the more archetype infested you are, and the more difficult it becomes to stay or even become conscious. Obviously, when you eat more, your cravings and addictions increase, making it even more difficult to step away from that. 

And so a vicious cycle ensues. 

Human bodies are not designed to be fat; they’re supposed to be lean with supple muscles tissue and flexible joints. Look at indigenous people in South America for example that still live close to Gaia. They eat little but what they eat is healthy and gives them all the energy they need. No fat people among them. 

I feel very blessed to live in the southernmost part of Europe. If you ask me, it’s the perfect place to be able to buy the freshest fruit and produce grown locally in this beautifully sunny and warm climate of the Algarve. And you won’t find fresher fish anywhere on the planet. Everything here is geared to making it easy for us to switch to a much healthier lifestyle. No processed food enters our kitchen.

So these days, we eat what the body needs rather than what it wants. Oatmeal or fruit for breakfast, a little snack, and vegetables or rice and chicken or fish for dinner. No gravies so we learn to appreciate the food in its purity again, as all the extras are only feeding the cravings coming from our program. Also, we don’t determine when we eat. 

That’s when you really start seeing your patterning. In the first few weeks, the body signaled to me an almost 24/7 feeling of hunger. It’s interesting that when you’re not in charge of when you eat, your brain will create the feeling of being hungry much earlier and on a much more sustained level, as opposed to when you determine your meal times yourself. It’s all illusion. I’ve also noticed in the beginning that whatever the body got fed, it was never enough. This alone should have rung alarm bells as it is being given all the energy and nutrients it needs. However, it was not being used to eating a lot less and there was a constant “lack alert”. 

This, fortunately, has started to subside a little, especially because I know that all of that is coming from programming – mental attacks to pull me out of consciousness. The lack alert is still there. It’s a craving to eat more, telling me that the portions I eat are not big enough to sustain me even when the stomach is full! It’s crazy. I’ve learned to dismiss these thoughts a lot quicker now. Still they try to come in. 

The lack program also kicked in in the form of an almost compulsive need to compare my portion to the ones around me. I mean, really? I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but especially at the start of our new food scheme it really tried to feed me the thought of pulling at the shortest end.! Nasty program, that one, and as ridiculous and illusory as all the others. 

Then there are the cravings. They’ve also started to subside but still come in from time to time. The silly thing is, they’re about nothing in particular, just food. Anything really. This tells me again how deeply these patterns have nestled themselves in the mind. 

And this is exactly why we had to change our eating habits. Now that these addictions, habits, cravings, and belief systems are finally all drifting up to the surface, they can be seen and let go of. They have nowhere to hide anymore. Rather than perceiving lack, I’m opting for seeing their surfacing as a relief.

Admittedly, there is quite some awareness and focus involved to ditch these thoughts as soon as they come in. It’s worth the effort and it gets easier and easier and the thoughts are weaker now every time. 

I’ve come to appreciate food in a very different way. As the tastebuds have become accustomed to “plain” food, they’ve learned to pull out subtle flavors long forgotten. We eat much more consciously. It has become a mediation for me, savoring every bite, sending my gratitude to Gaia for nourishing my body in such a delicious way. Life force food. 

Our teachers know what they’re doing. As long as we’re still caught up in the illusions, this new way of dealing with the personality’s eating habits feels like a blessing in many ways. We’re not deprived of anything. Instead, we’re getting the best nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and in good shape. As I said in the beginning, we eat what our physical vessel needs rather than what it wants. 

Kuthumi once gave us a food exercise in a lecture called "Return to Innocence", in which he explains a way to deal with the illusion of separation and food in a very different way:

You wake up and your let’s call it “external stomach” — because you think it is something that is just happening in the body — growls and you think, “I’m hungry and I need to put something external inside of me to make the external feeling of hunger stop”. Did you ever consider that the apple that you are eating as breakfast for instance is pouring out of you as well? And did you ever consider how ridiculous it looks to us when we see you creating the feeling of hunger and then going hunting for an apple or whatever it is that is already pouring out of you as well and then put that back inside of you on a physical level so that you could be satisfied? I know, I like the nonsensical field, but you people have made the Earth more nonsensical than the nonsensical field. Really! 

Going back to the apple and the stomach and the feeling of hunger: It might be difficult for humanity, even for you at this stage, to just acknowledge that the feeling of hunger is an illusion. But how about you do a little experiment with the apple before you eat it? How about you find a quiet space next time you are hungry and you take your favorite food? It doesn’t matter what you take. It could be an apple. It could also be a snack. It could be chocolate. Actually I’m giving you the world’s best diet ever: You can eat anything without eating it! Let’s say an apple, and you put the apple in front of you and you sit down and you got the feeling of hunger and you don’t try to fight it. You just accept it. And you see that what the external mind is basically telling you is that there is a lack within you. 

So the external mind creates the separation, the lack that you feel, and then the creation that you have created to take that feeling away again, namely the apple, is also separated from you so that you have to go through the trouble and through the negative experience basically of eating it. (I will explain in a minute why it is a negative experience). Instead of doing that, why don’t you put the apple in front of you and connect it to the feeling of hunger that you have and then you just let the energy flow back and forth? 

You will see after a while of trying this that the feeling of hunger will go away. The apple will still be there. It will not vanish all of a sudden, but it will again come pouring out of you, you see? So the only thing to take the feeling of hunger away is to acknowledge that what you are about to eat is already within you – and I call it the world’s best diet, because you can do it with anything. You can actually do it with all these foods that you like but that would be bad for your body. They’re all the same energy anyway. Do it with the things you like most, but do not desire them. Just accept that they are already a part of you. In that way you can actually stop eating after a while.“

That’s an exercise worth practicing. Until we’ve got that under our thumb, we still eat – healthy, nutritious and delicious home cooked meals with lots of fresh, locally grown produce and fruit. What a grand way let go of a lot of patterns that don’t serve us anymore. 

When I look at the rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables stored in our garage, I feel abundance. When I cook oatmeal for everyone, I feel abundance. When we enjoy our meals together, I feel abundance. We are blessed indeed. All that patterning is just that, illusory figments of the mind. What counts is the burning desire of letting go of them all to allow the emergence of a new being, a conscious one. 

And that is worth having to bat off anything that tries to pull us off our chosen vector of ascension.


Hello, I am Jasmine. I’m a student of ascension — first and foremost. I’m a writer because of that and I’m passionate about both. On this path of making known the unknown, experiences, insights, and magic abound! These then I would like to share with you. Ascension has become practical.

You have found the AscendoSphere, and this means that you are interested in the practical aspects of ascension. On my site you’ll find my experiences and a-ha moments poured into blogs, articles and bleeps — and maybe even into a poem or two. It is my wish to inspire you and trigger you to dig deep. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me your questions and your input by mail. I will assist you in any way I can. Enjoy your journey!

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  • great idea to put this on the fridge.. as a reminder to the mind body and soul so to speak.. and also as a tool to become more and more aware of what really is happening <3 thanks a bunch Jasmine <3 much love

  • Dear Jasmine,

    I so agree with everything that has been written in the comments already. This is a great article, it is practical, recognisable, and beautifully written with clarity and honesty. Yes, you nailed it! Thank you very much. I am certain that this will reach many hearts and that it will assist many on their path. Love to you 

  • You nailed it down, Jasmine. Thank you for bringing this up to the surface! It's a pearl! I will print it out and put it on the refrigerator door.....

    • Dear Ariana, thank you and you are very welcome  Very cool that you are putting it up on the fridge! I'm very honored. Much love, Jasmine 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Dear Majana, I am very happy that this article has provided you with some food for thought!

      Regarding meat: yes, we eat meat. Over the years we have experimented with purely life force food (fresh produce, grains, nuts, fruits). Our Ascended Master Teachers have found that the body does not get the necessary nutritions without meat. Our bodies are made to eat meat, otherwise we would not have those four pointed canine teeth I think.  If you don't like to eat meat, fish is a very good alternative as it provides you with unsaturated fats as well as proteins. These days, we mainly eat chicken and fish for the necessary proteins, but we've also gone back to the occasional steak and such. Our diet also needs to be practical, as our focus is not on food preparation. There is definitely a higher vitality within the body since we've gone back to eating meat. 

      And regarding food allergies: like everything, they are part of your belief system, as are all allergies. I used to be incredibly allergic to cats (swollen and itchy, tearing eyes, sneezing and runny nose, and quite bad asthma) – all part of a belief system that had been imprinted in early childhood. Once I started to understand the illusory construct of this, I was able to overcome this allergy to the point where I love our cat sleeping next to me, purring away and clearing up the energy with these beautiful frequencies.

      As long as you believe that you're allergic to certain foods, you definitely will be. The good thing is, you can overcome this. The change happens within when you decide that you no longer believe the thoughts that you are allergic but instead keep telling your body that this food is healthy and will nourish it. It may take some time because these belief systems have grown over an extended period of time. The switch really needs to happen within first, so don't eat handfuls of nuts if you have a belief system of being allergic to them. 

      Also, processed food and all the chemicals that are used these days in pesticides and such majorly contribute to allergies. Try to switch to organic, non processed food and avoid the stuff with chemical additives. 

      Much love, Jasmine 

    • Dear Majana, yes, there are so many myths going around in spiritual circles, like you can't be spiritual if you eat meat, or smoke, or anything of the sort. Complete fabrication. Eating meat has nothing to do with being spiritual and everything with a system that wants to keep you small and puts you into a box. Utter nonsense! 

      It's such a shame that parents often unknowingly indoctrinate their offspring with a lot of crap, often something their parents have imprinted on them. And so the web tightens... Happy that you see the illusion of all of that. Just imagine being free of these food allergies and your aversion to food in general . Quite freeing, I'd say! 

      Much love

  • "When I look at the rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables stored in our garage, I feel abundance. When I cook oatmeal for everyone, I feel abundance. When we enjoy our meals together, I feel abundance. We are blessed indeed. All that patterning is just that, illusory figments of the mind. What counts is the burning desire of letting go of them all to allow the emergence of a new being, a conscious one. 

    And that is worth having to bat off anything that tries to pull us off our chosen vector of ascension"

    Thank you for this brilliant article, dear Jasmine. Just about says it all! The mind and the illusions it creates to keep us from not only ascending but having more expansive, heart-based, conscious and real experiences comes in many forms. Dealing with any and all addictions and untruths we've been fed (pun intended ) by not identifying with them and doing the opposite makes all the difference! We can master the illusions through applying the teachings and practices that ascended life has given us; it does, however, take focused vigilance and practical application. Addressing food in the ascension house in the way you so clearly described has been an eye-opener for me as well. One can easily say 'I don't have a thing with food (or fill in the blanks), a red flag in and of itself to take another look and transform it. When approaching mental patterns through the lens of the internal attributes of love, joy, freedom, truth and life instead, you know you are getting somewhere! 

    Love, Amber 

  • --- Hello Dear - ThanX For Bringing This Topic Up - Have You Seen A Documentary Called "IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT" ? --- Its Made By A Austrian-Guy Who Travelled-The-World-Intervjuing-Breath-Air-Ians : - People Who Are Sustained By BREATHING-LIFE-FORCE-ENERGY : - They Do Not Eat Food - Or Drink Water --- Many Blessings ----

    • Dear Edna, I don't think I've seen that particular documentary, but I know about breatharianists. Although it might seem that that is the solution to not eating food, you are still taking something in that appears to be external from you. This time it i s just formless energy, but it is energy nevertheless. So there is really not that much of a difference. The belief system that the body needs some kind of food is still very much in place. 

      We need to go beyond the illusions. Like Kuthumi said in the quote in the article above. we are the creator of the apple and, therefore, we ARE the apple. – Not quite there yet 

      Much love, Jasmine 

This reply was deleted.

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