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We have started this discussion to talk to you about creating new forms of consciousness. Do you know what your consciousness is based upon? Do you know that consciousness really becomes conscious and alive when there is belief in Self, belief in your energy? Do you know that deep down you actually don’t believe in your existence?

The truth is that deep down you only believe in your existence because of what others tell you. We are also taking about the rulers because they are part of you as well. They are searching for answers just like you. The difference is that they have a history and a family tree, which possesses a lot more so-called "power" than yours. You believe this lie, but it is not true.

They were already a part of you even before you were born; Bush, Hitler, the biggest murderers and the biggest creators of fear within your reality. All of them were part of you, much like all the so-called beautiful people out there: Lady Di, Mother Amma, Mother Teresa, and so on. The "nasty" ones are easily discarded and pushed aside, "this possibly cannot be connected to me in any way" your thoughts will tell you. Yet, they are. And they, too, deserve love and light and the chance to transform their pain into joy, to regain balance, and to go beyond the speed of light to the speed of consciousness, the speed zero, to be everywhere at the same time in this universe.

So tell us, what is your judgment about them? And then tell us, if it is in fact the same judgment you carry about yourself.

We know that in a cosmic state of being there can be no structure, no laws. If there were a law, then it probably would speak of existing without judgment. The only reason why matter, and therefore energy, doesn’t always do what you wish for, but instead does what you fear, is that you have judgment about this energy. You are constantly in judgment about every object in your home. And yes, even finding something beautiful is being in judgment, because as long as you consider something beautiful, then there has to be something ugly.

Always remember that "duality" only exists in the material and energetic realms, which are by default, zones of smoke and mirrors. It all has to be reunified, the judgements will be undone and the Love will remain, along with the Joy, the Freedom, the Truth and, ultimately, Infinite Life itself.

How can you think about objects, people, or events, then? You don’t think about them, nascent Cosmic Masters, you honour them because they are your energy. They always have been. Every politician’s quote uttered on this Earth, every disaster occurring, is your energy. And so are your most favorite and most detested people and objects in your home, your family, and in your very life. Every flower that grows, every tree that is destroyed, every ray of sunshine, every drop of rain, every birth and every death... it's all You."

The Council of Twelve

Taken from "COSMIC MANIFEST: The Conscious Creator"
Channeled by David Dubié - January 10th 2007 in Belgium

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Kwan Yin is an Ascended Master Teacher who, with over 5200 non-linear years of experience when it comes to personal ascension training, metaphysics and universal, intergalactic philosophy, is here to help.

The body Kwan Yin currently resides in is of male origin. In 2007, a massive transition happened where the “Original Body Owner” left and Ascended Master Beings took over the body in order to be on Planet Earth once again with one mission only: to be of service and assistance to those human beings that feel the calling to raise their energy above the mental matrix standard and therefore step onto the ascension path, releasing themselves from the chains of reincarnation and the finite nature of the personality's existence.

Kwan Yin received ascension training by Lao Tze, whom she calls her Teacher, over 4000 linear years ago in China, on the island of Yangshuo, at the original Ascension House, which exists outside of linear time and physical space. She served under Lao Tze as "First Ascendee", a position that enabled her to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of ascension students during her run. The House is still an ultimate location for anyone going through the ascension process today.

Currently, it is Kwan Yin's responsiblity, as given to her by her Teacher, to take the ascension process into the 21st Century and open it up as a path of choice to all humanity without any secrets or hidden mysteries to remain. Ascension needs to become a practical study that is as "normal" and achievable as attending any university or choosing any walk of life.

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  • Exactly.

    Then Kwan Yin, I thought I was lonely.


    Grateful for bringing me back so I can continue my work.
    I always tell those seeking answers, I am the most wonderful people in the world, kindest, but can also be the worst.
    But as you know, this is not a mental knowledge, it is a wonder, it is a real experience. So I fully know true love and true compassion.

  • These words are the essence of total peace!!!!!!

    Such peace...All is perfect!!

    Much love and gratitude

  • Awesome!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! xo

  • How many of our thoughts are judgemental in some fashion or another? Of ourselves and of those around us. We judge and compare as we’ve been programmed to do. Often we’re the hardest on ourselves. And we can tell something is off because it doesn’t feel good. And these judgements run deep—we’ve been living this way for lifetimes. I’m monitoring this one for self and am not there yet. But feels fundamental to drop this judgment to move forward on the ascension path. Kindness and compassion for all life seem to work much better! Love, Orchid

  • Thank you, Kwan Yin, for another gem out of the Cosmic Manifest. I've often pondered how much we humans are in judgement, just because we're wired that way. Even once we understand that we are the creator of our reality, we still have a tendency to judge our creation instead of honoring it  and with that, we don't honor ourselves as the creator. 

    Just keeping this in our awareness would make a huge difference in our reality creation.... Much love, Jasmine 

  • A beautiful reminder we can't hear too often. If separation is an illusion  (which, of course, it is) there is nothing separate from anything

    "How can you think about objects, people, or events, then? You don’t think about them, nascent Cosmic Masters, you honour them because they are your energy."

    Time to start really thinking with our hearts.

    Thank you for posting this, Kwan Yin!

    With love, Amber 

  • Thank you, dear Kwan Yin, yes, this is a big one. On a theoretical level a lot of people know this. As students on the path we have heard this a zillion times. It is a very important fact to remember. Sometimes we can even grasp glimpses of it. Living it in full is still a different story. I would say it is right up there with "I create my reality". Both are true, always. 

    If we only selectively use this knowledge, it easily turns into spiritual mind. So that is not the way to go. I am sure that with continued dedication, patience with self and a lot of awareness, we will get there. Thank you for your guidance, Kwan Yin and All of Ascended Life. 

    With love, Amy 

    • It is all Me!!!!

      Thank You, Beloved KY, for this reminder.

      As Amy said: we will get there


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