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In the opening lecture of The Imzaia Chronicles, The Flower of Life Awakens, Merkaia suggests that, at this time of grand acceleration, we can choose "celebration" or "limitation"; i.e. we can choose to celebrate ourselves, our choices, and our expansion, or we can limit ourselves by observing things from a dualistic (positive/negative) angle.

This binary processing concept that has been common to our minds since the start of recorded history has come to an end. Hence the supposed chaos that can be experienced everywhere we look, if we so choose. In its stead, the trinary mind emerges, which is a mind that lives in all three Kakras of the humane being: head, heart and belly. As an aside, science has proven the existence of "brain matter" in our hearts and our bellies, which are connected to the brain in the head by (amongst other things) the Vagus Nerve. Science is about to find out (soon) that it is not the brain in our head that controls the heart and belly, rather it is the heart's brain that is the true interface.

When we choose "celebration" on a continuous basis, with unrelenting focus, and we let go of binary positive/negative limitation, we are dancing to the cosmic beat and forward momentum will prove easy.

Merkaia hinted at all of this during her first lecture, The Flower of Life Awakens. However, many years ago, in 2007-2008, Solarys already brought up the concept of celebration in How Peace Came to Earth, a lecture that I have yet to re-release on The AscendoSphere's Imzaia Classics archive (I hope to do so soon).

This is what Solarys had to say about the concept of Celebration:

"Your adventure is just beginning. I thank you for being here and for celebrating this unique special time with one another. Just remember, it’s not just about information. It is about celebration, the opposite of information: celebration.

In duality, everything has an opposite, white and dark, love and fear, you know this. In Infinity and in Divinity there is no longer an opposite.

In Divinity there is a total opponent, which is not an opposite.

It means that you have a special section of something, such as the concept of information, which is dual and linear, received in parts, and then there is the totality of it, the total opponent, where information is celebration.

Celebration is the energy of everything experienced in one moment. You are invited to look for these total opponents in the coming time, as those are the attributes that you are going to work with as you step beyond illusion. 

I thank you, and I hope that you can feel and allow the love. I hope that you can feel my Ascended Brothers and Sisters Adamus, Ramtha, Kuthumi, Ekara, Tobias, Kryon and all the others. Feel them now because they are very close. They are in your heart telling you that you are going to be fine, so please stop thinking less of yourself and start forgiving yourself. 

Start loving yourself the same way that I love you. Just love yourself. Then you can really step into a new beginning. Allow yourself to live full of love for self, for all, and never think that you are anything less. Never think that… 

I wish to stop this communication expressed through words. I will communicate to you by singing to your DNA now, a song without words. After this message, please step outside, find some space and allow me to sing to you.

It will be a love song. Allow me to sing and if you dare and trust yourselves, please sing back.

I love you. I am in love with you. 

I am in joy with you. I am freedom with you.

And so it is."

Isn't it fascinating the way in which the concepts expressed by Merkaia now and by Solarys all those years ago can actually connect to form a bigger picture?

If one can reach for the "total opponent" of the dualistic/linear landscape that we experience and that we have commonly accepted as daily reality, the plateau that one will find leaves the fabrications and the constructs of one's personality based life far below in the distance.

The infinite space of eternity that can be found there is the space of Mer-Ka-Ba, in which one's true core resides.

Right now, I want to celebrate your being on Earth. I want to celebrate your presence. Right now.

I want to celebrate all that is Real within you, and in my celebration it makes Real all that was once considered UnReal.

I stand here, hand in hand with all members of Ascended Life, united with all the Teachers and the Guides, to remind you that We Are Here.

I remind you that you have a choice to look beyond the life that this matrix of biology and matter, this heap of entangled atoms and electrons, offers you.

I remind you that you can simply ask to be taught, to step into tuition, to become a direct student with Ascended Life, to become an Initiate, and Ascendee.

But you've got to have the guts to do it, so to speak.

And I know you do.

You can contact Ascended Life right here, on the AscendoSphere.

The Universe is waiting for you to observe and explore it.

Are you ready to celebrate your life, and thus to ascend it?

You can connect to Ascended Life via me, if you are serious about becoming a direct student.

We have worked for years, since I walked into this body, to prepare for this moment.

Sometimes the road was precarious but now we are ready to commit to action fully.

Now we are ready to move forward with those that are ready as well.

Starting Now, we are ready to teach and to create a community of ascension seekers, initiates, and ascendees, here in the Algarve, in Portugal, on Lemurian soil.

Many teachings will be offered worldwide, via The AscendoSphere, online, of course. But naturally, it goes without saying that you cannot stay stuck in your life forever.

When ascension study gets serious, it can't just be an online activity. You have got to get in front of your teacher and work together face to face.

At some point you have got to move. And we, Ascended Life, are saying that for many - possibly you - that point has come now. You can either feel resistance to that sentence, or you can feel relief as you jump out of your chair and, leaping out the door, are on your smartphone booking a plane ticket.

Either which way, resistance or relief, it is a different way for you to tell yourself that YOU ARE READY.

All you have to do to BE ready is to BELIEVE that you are and to WANT TO BE.

When you get to that realization, it truly is time to Celebrate.

We are ready to teach. We await you in Love.

Connect to my team if you are ready to take the plunge.

Letting go of the person(ality) you thought you are to manifest your soul's passion for total ascension is why you are here, incarnate, on Earth.

I guarantee you that once you are on the road of ascension, you will never want to look back, as you embrace the whole of All That Is.

Now... come on, get to it, write me and email and connect, so we can get your ascension study going.

After all, there is no time like the present... literally!

Kwan Yin & Ascended Life

Kwan Yin is an Ascended Master Teacher who, with over 5200 non-linear years of experience when it comes to personal ascension training, metaphysics and universal, intergalactic philosophy, is here to help.

The body Kwan Yin currently resides in is of male origin. In 2007, a massive transition happened where the “Original Body Owner” left and Ascended Master Beings took over the body in order to be on Planet Earth once again with one mission only: to be of service and assistance to those human beings that feel the calling to raise their energy above the mental matrix standard and therefore step onto the ascension path, releasing themselves from the chains of reincarnation and the finite nature of the personality's existence.

Kwan Yin received ascension training by Lao Tze, whom she calls her Teacher, over 4000 linear years ago in China, on the island of Yangshuo, at the original Ascension House, which exists outside of linear time and physical space. She served under Lao Tze as "First Ascendee", a position that enabled her to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of ascension students during her run. The House is still an ultimate location for anyone going through the ascension process today.

Currently, it is Kwan Yin's responsiblity, as given to her by her Teacher, to take the ascension process into the 21st Century and open it up as a path of choice to all humanity without any secrets or hidden mysteries to remain. Ascension needs to become a practical study that is as "normal" and achievable as attending any university or choosing any walk of life.

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  • Thank you. These words brought tears to my eyes and peace to my heart.
    • I am very joyful to hear that, dear Kristine.

      I am ready to take the next steps when you are!

      Love always,

      Kwan Yin

    • I am ready. Not exactly sure what that means but I know I am at a crossroads and am very open to suggestions. Thank you beautiful Kwan Yin for your support.
  • Thank you, Kwan Yin and all Ascended Life for being here with us, sharing all that you are between each heartbeat of the amazing Akene and so much more!  To me, what many don't realize (yet) is that to personally ascend, it takes study and practice, and that we can't do it alone: having those who have walked this path 'before' us who can literally show us the way, is vital and appreciated. This in and of itself is surely something to celebrate. I can't imagine 'trying' to do it any other way: it just doesn't work no matter how any of us might think otherwise. 

    These additional parts especially jumped off the page for me: 

    "Science is about to find out (soon) that it is not the brain in our head that controls the heart and belly, rather it is the heart's brain that is the true interface." (Celebrating this one with a big Yihaaaaa!!!! )

    "When we choose "celebration" on a continuous basis, with unrelenting focus, and we let go of binary positive/negative limitation, we are dancing to the cosmic beat and forward momentum will prove easy."

    "All you have to do to BE ready is to BELIEVE that you are and to WANT TO BE."

    It IS becoming easier, more elegantly graceful. Everything we have always wanted for ourselves and 'others' -- oneness, ascension, being who we truly are, etc. -- feels 'within reach' more so than ever before as we let go of the Mind's dualistic focus on limitation and focus on the Akene/Heart's natural celebration of Consciousness and Life. Belief, desire (and its attendant choice and action) in celebration are key. 

    Ascended Life has always said, "you hold the key." What a reason to celebrate! 

    Love, Amber 

  • Brilliant article! Thank you very much, Kwan Yin and all of Ascended Life. It is indeed fascinating, how concepts expressed in lectures dating back to 2007 are coming back, so to speak, to be understood on a much deeper level. At least that's the case for me. Back then, I really had no clue how to make my life a celebration for example. Now I finally get that the more I let go of what I am not, the easier it becomes to celebrate Life. And the more I choose for celebration, the more I realize how anything else just does not work anymore. It feels yucky and damn uncomfortable. 

    Taking the plunge all these years ago to become a direct ascension student was a step on my path I have not regretted once. It is just as you said, Kwan Yin, "once you are on the road of ascension, you will never want to look back." 

    I am so very grateful that you, Kwan Yin, and with you all of Ascended Life, are  here to teach us the way of the heart 

    Love always, Jasmine 

  • Thank you dearest Kwan Yin and all of Ascended Life. I trust that many of us reading what is written here have heard Merkaia's message, Solarys' message, and Lao Tze's teaching. So, what are we all going to do with this information? I say with all my heart, that there is a point that you just have got to take the leap. Jump into the void, into the great unknown. It is none other than personal ascension. We can hesitate as long as we like, but at some point, the soul has to move. Will say from experience that the personality might be dragging its feet, but the soul knows the truth. Ascended Life, with the greatest love for us, is here to help. They offer us the truth about who we are, about our reality. They offer us infinite compassion and grace. It's up to us whether we fully accept these most precious gifts. I hope we do. I hope you do. With love for us, Orchid 

  • Thank you oh so very much for this article, and for so much more to you, Kwan Yin and to All of Ascended Life. There is no denying that we are at a turning point. So much of the old is simply not compatible anymore. We have noticed in little things that a duality mindset creates complexity and confusion which in itself proves that it cannot be true. This explanation helps to see through this and to choose differently, to choose the celebration. So thank you very much! 

  • This is a very beautiful message dear Kwan Yin and Ascended Life with you. The words take my heart for a celebration beat and a feeling of much joy to be alive.

    With waves of active ingredients and Flowers of Life 


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