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How do we internalise, on a consistent and continuous basis, the building blocks of creation which we speak about so often; love, joy, freedom, truth, and life? It’s a question very much in the awareness of a student on the path of personal ascension.

We know that we create our reality. We can create any type of reality that we choose. What we’re all experiencing is that reality is becoming much more fluid. By this I mean we can feel that we are experiencing that ‘the outside’ world responds to ‘our inside world’ much quicker; our thoughts manifest in our outer reality more rapidly than they ever have. 

At the same time, we can feel our ‘old’ sense of what is real, what used to make up the very fabric of our lives, dissolving. Can’t always put our finger on how. Sometimes it’s dramatic. And sometimes it happens subtly, quietly, so that we don’t necessarily see it slipping away until it’s gone. Sometimes we don’t want to admit it to ourselves. But ultimately, there is no denying that pretty much all that we held dear is changing. And often in a radical way.

Going back to love, joy, freedom, truth, and life, on the path of personal ascension, we are being guided by Ascended Life. Our energy has been hijacked within this matrix and Ascended Life, out of the greatest love for us, is absolutely committed to getting us out of this matrix, this programmed, false reality in which we are being fed upon.

Regardless of what we’ve been programmed to believe, the simplicity of it is that the true building blocks of creation are in fact love, joy, freedom, truth, and life. 

The tricky part in terms of the path of personal ascension, is that these qualities must become INTERNAL attributes; they guide us from the inside. They are blooming within us and we are not looking for them on the outside, as then they are conditional. 

In the ‘old’ reality, we somehow habitually, to a greater or lesser degree, compared our ‘insides’ to ‘others’ outsides; we compared what we were feeling to what others around us were expressing.

And the way that life is structured on this planet at this time, we have been programmed to find these qualities on the outside. The truth is that love, joy, freedom, truth and life are what we are. The memory of who we are has been taken from us. So we continually look for these building blocks on the outside. We look for love outside of us, we find joy when we do something that makes us happy, we find freedom when we go on vacation.

We find these things outside of ourselves and these qualities are conditional. If we love someone and they don’t love us back, that beautiful feeling goes away. When we come back from vacation and get back to work, often we’re not feeing that free anymore. 

As part of the personal ascension process, we learn to cultivate these qualities on the inside. It sounds simple and yet on the personal ascension path in 2014 it is not always easy to cultivate them consistently and continuously.

If we take love for example, if we contemplate this, we see that in the world in which we live, unconditional self love can feel quite elusive; unconditional love for ‘others’ regardless of who they are or what they do, can feel just as elusive.

We are love. We have been manipulated to forget this basic truth.

There is no separation between us and so called others. When we access the love that we are, that is what we will see all around us. 

The only way to cultivate this love is to dismantle the programming that creates our illusory reality. It is vital to address our belief systems about ourselves and one another, the beliefs that tell us we are less than, that we have to compete with one another, that tell us what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and many, many others. These belief systems are reinforced on every level of the society we find ourselves in. 

It’s necessary that we monitor the thoughts that come into our heads, thoughts which are not our own. We identify with these thoughts and thus we continue to create the limited reality which we have been creating. 

When we start observing the thoughts in our heads, we can have a feeling of overwhelm for we begin to see that for all intents and purposes, virtually everything we think is simply not true. Our heads are full of limiting thoughts and belief systems.

Once we begin to acknowledge this, we are at an important juncture for we then find ourselves asking the question, ‘If this is not me, then who am I?’

If we are asking this question, we are on the right track. Might not be a comfortable space but is a necessary part of the ascension process. We are love. We are consciousness that pulses in the space between the heartbeats. Consciousness is found in stillness, which might not be what we’re thinking. Stillness does not mean silence. The stillness of consciousness is dynamic. It’s us—it’s who we really are. As Kuthumi has said:

“I invite you to SEE who you have always been, I invite you to see yourself for what you truly ARE. there never has been a day when you have not been YOU.”

Kuthumi also shares:

“Oneness will be restored to All Things and you play a vast and ever so needed part in that happening – more so this day than the one that came before and so it will continue to build up until the time comes that you simply no longer can say NO to action and you say YES to the true sight that your eyes can cast on your world and life.”

Words worth pondering...

Orchid Rising

The past four years have been a vey profound journey of self discovery on the path of personal ascension. Along the way, I’ve come to see that I’m surely not who I thought I was. It’s been refreshing to say the least. If I can help make your path a little more graceful, that would make me smile! This is what it’s about—helping each other.

I’m over the moon excited to be connecting with you via our podcasts, videos, study groups and blogs! There’s a LOT of expansive information to share! I’m immensely grateful to have a role in creating a thriving, interactive community, dedicated to the serious study of personal ascension, actively encouraging and supporting each other. The warmest of welcomes to The Rising Way!

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  • Dearest Orchid Beautifully written from your Heart. You can and do show who you truly are

    Bless YOU 

  • Love this, dear Orchid!  Thank you from the infinite space that is my heart space - our ONE heart space - for so exquisitely voicing what we have been living and learning together. This part of the path must be walked without exception by all of us, step by step - whether we are on the path or contemplating perhaps becoming a seeker on the path of personal ascension or wanting to raise our vibration and assist in the planetary enlightenment underway and the rising of the New Lemuria. There really isn't any other way. Continuing to walk the path, we find we've synthesized and embodied another teaching, another piece, then another piece, and then yet another piece, sometimes taking a sideways step or a step backward, but always pointed in the right direction if we keep our eyes on the ball.

    It is, indeed, a great honour to walk this path with you and all of our AscendoSphere members.

    Love Always, Amber 

  • I love this blog Orchid, thank you 

    Life and navigating our reality has become much more fascinating by starting to understand and see through the illusions. I know that we still have a long way to go, we'll just continue to step one foot in front of the other, constantly monitoring ourselves to make sure that we are choosing consciousness as much as we can. We are always at the center of our reality and if this reality reflects something that does not feel good, something which is not love, we know it is up to us to change this within ourselves. 

    I am so grateful to be walking this path with all of you here at the Rising Way Team and with everyone who has joined our precious AscendoSphere. 

    Much love to you and all 

  • Beautifully expressed, dear Orchid. It's really funny, when we are in the heart space, we can't even imagine what it feels like not to be in this beautiful space where love reigns and where we're able to see each other without the personality filters in place. And when we are caught up and identified with mental fields, this space can seem unreachable... Yet we know it is always here. It's just a choice away. A work in progress at the moment... 

    Much love, Jasmine 

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