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Human personalities are hooked on drama – whether they admit it or not. It’s in the habits we cherish, the things we do and think that make us feel comfortable, be they positive or negative. 

Being on the ascension path means dropping all these habits and patterns we’ve carried with us for the longest time – and not just in this lifetime either. 

It’s not only the habits we treasure, but also the ailments we have toted around – for generations sometimes. Family karma.

Take an asthma program for instance. Let’s say that this imprint was installed in very early childhood. Imagine witnessing from the get go that furry animals would make your mother very sick – and your grandmother and your great-grand mother – so  that she would be almost unable to breathe without heavy medication. So the little child starts seeing cats and dogs as the culprits for making the mother so sick that she could not take care of you anymore. 

This is what we do to our children. We traumatize them for life by e.g. installing a belief system that they can’t be around cats and dogs – or any animal with fur or feathers for that matter – without having a severe allergic reaction. In this way, you deprive them from something that is innate to a human being – loving cuddles with a pet. Now cuddles become equal to feeling absolutely miserable, struggling for every single breath.

And so you grow up with an asthma program firmly in place. The belief system is being strengthened every single time you find yourself in the vicinity of pets, as the body starts to react immediately by shutting down the airways, clogging up the nose and making the eyes swell up and itchy. You learn that this is just how it is. It is something that is “genetically imprinted on the DNA and you just have to live with it and take your medication”.

But do you really? After all, we create our reality, and do we really want to have a program like that in it? I don’t think so. 

So now you’re on your ascension path, shedding all the layers of the non self and reversing these programs one by one. That asthma program has got to go as well. It has never served you, and it is definitely not something you want to keep carrying with you into infinity! You know that it was never real to begin with. It’s nothing but a belief system you’ve completely identified with. It has nothing to do with DNA or family history, but everything with the attributes you put on it and how you deal with it. How real do you believe it to be?

And slowly but surely, you release that program. Cats become your best friends, being allowed to sleep on your pillow without eliciting the slightest physical reaction. Hallelujah! Program deleted… or so you thought. 

Enter an adorable 10-year-old Labrador that still thinks he’s a big puppy. He’d sit on your lap if you let him. He’s love on four legs, looking at you with big, soppy brown eyes you just can’t resist. He’s very huggable…

And out of the depths of your memory banks the old belief system of cuddles equaling physical misery emerges again and plonks itself onto your chest, squeezing the life out of you. Your nose swells up, as do your eyes, and you feel like you’re choking. Breathing becomes an effort, and the slightest physical activity leaves you gasping for air for a long time. The program is literally trying to suck the life out of you. 

This is where the drama queen enters the stage. If you’re not careful, you very easily identify with that program again you thought you’d let go of years ago. Like with any program that makes itself known in a very physical way – think of a toothache or a migraine – it is very present in your reality. It tries to keep your mind occupied with only one thought, which in this case is, “breathe”. And the more identified you become with that program, the more it hijacks your every waking moment… for weeks on end if you allow it. 

This allowance is what I mean with playing the drama queen. You really don’t have to go through the motions if you don’t want to. Obviously you do, otherwise you wouldn’t let this go on for so long. 

The good thing is that once you realize – again – what you’re doing, you can turn it around. In this case, the belief system that “cuddles equal physical misery” can be used to mean what cuddles are supposed to mean: Love. Healing. Feeling good.

So whereas the program tells you that furry pets are bad for your health, you install new neural pathways that use these furry pets to induce the healing of that childhood trauma. 

You will notice very quickly that once your attitude changes, that program loses its grip on you. Your airways open up again. Every time you pet that big soppy sock of a Labrador, you breathe in LIFE. 

Taking charge of your reality creation then is how you get rid of drama. Drama queens belong on the stage of an old reality, but they really have no place in the life of an ascending human.

Jasmine Martin

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Hello, I am Jasmine. I’m a student of ascension — first and foremost. I’m a writer because of that and I’m passionate about both. On this path of making known the unknown, experiences, insights, and magic abound! These then I would like to share with you. Ascension has become practical.

You have found the AscendoSphere, and this means that you are interested in the practical aspects of ascension. On my site you’ll find my experiences and a-ha moments poured into blogs, articles and bleeps — and maybe even into a poem or two. It is my wish to inspire you and trigger you to dig deep. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me your questions and your input by mail. I will assist you in any way I can. Enjoy your journey!

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  • Thank you so, a wonderful reminder indeed!!!! I love to cuddle, LOL 

  • Jasmine, Darling, you are not alone.

    “I’m  soooo  pathetic” was exactly what I thought on 11 November, when I saw myself on the other side of the camera, showing myself to the world … I couldn’t believe it was me. “I am not prepared for this”, “my face is not good for cameras” …  “television technicians always said that I am not photogenic” …” what a stupid figure am I doing” …” look at that, it is horrible” … and so … and so … That voice inside me continued over and over there for a multitude of time. I even forgot that I was listening to Kwan Yin. I swore to myself never again look to a camera

    But, this didn’t stop there. The day after (yesterday), I need my identification card for official business and found that the card had expired. So, I needed to run like a fool to renew the card, because I had a deadline. I entered the room where the cards renewed, filled a number of roles, then the employee said, now let's take a picture. What? It was 5 o'clock in the afternoon, I was completely disheveled, sweaty and clothes completely expropriated . Can you imagine??? That was definitely a big drama. I tried to run away but then I remembered that I needed the card. So I surrendered myself to the evidences and the employee took me the worst picture of ever. I’ll show you when we meet … if you promise don't laugh.

    And  I thought that the problem with the image was already resolved ( KY is laughing uproariously ….  ).

    With asthma and pets was another story. My Mother had asthma. I don’t need to tell nothing more. It was a hell, because I want a pet and couldn’t had none. This personality, here, is very reactive and always want what others don’t.

    When I left home, the first thing I did was to find a dog. A friend gave a  golden retriever. My life became a every day party and cuddles at every moment. Now, I share the home and the Facebook with Nico, The Cat.

    what a funny picture you post, it looks like me, when I’m living the Drama Queen

    Thank you so much for your article.

    With Love and many cuddles from Nico. 

    • Dearest Lina, your story is so very recognizable! I know exactly what you mean about "not being photogenic". I carried that one around for half a century as well... Needless to say that it's all complete BS ! And yes, I've always wanted pets but never could as a kid, and then I bought into that whole asthma program myself – hook, line, and sinker! And a pet was out of the question for the longest time. 

      Since I've started my ascension path, I've lived with 4 huskies and 6 cats in England, and since then we've had our beautiful tomcat Simba. At the moment, we're dog sitting the landlord's labrador... The rest is history. 

      Look forward to seeing your picture on Saturday! 

      Lots of love and big hugs 

    • We both are so pathetic beautiful. Let us give a big laugh

      Love you so much

    • Love you so much too! I'm all for having a good laugh at myself, so I happily join you 

  • Great message Jasmine—thank you! What you say is so true—some of these programs we have identified with so strongly for so long that these belief systems simply become solidified more and more as time goes on and our experience of life becomes more and more narrow.

    The mind with its complexity, is constantly analysing ‘the problem.’ We go round and round, swimming in a false reality and the simplicity of it is that we can simply bypass it entirely by claiming the truth of who we are. We are not our belief systems and we are not our programming. We are infinite beings having an experience here and we can choose what we’d like to experience. Creating a reality based upon love, joy, freedom, truth, and life sounds very good to me!  Love, Orchid 

  • Dear Jasmine,

    I love this article. What you describe is so true! When a belief system hits you physically, it might feel so real, but as you explained so well, it still is just a belief system. Thank you for putting it this clearly. Since we create our reality, everything is our choice!

    And what a funny and great picture! 

    Lots of love to you

  • Taking charge of our reality creation, of which dropping old belief systems, personality patterning and mental programs must also be a part, is how we release all resistance to the core truths of who we really are. Interesting example you have brought up, dear Jasmine, to illustrate this point, and the way you have expressed it is lighthearted and even makes the whole thing feel like an enjoyable adventure!  Thank you.

    Much Love, Amber

  • Dear Jasmine,
    Thank you so much for describing this 'daily life' situation so beautifully and thank you for sharing your approach of this as an ascending human. 
    With infinite cuddles, Tara
This reply was deleted.

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