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It is commonly accepted knowledge that time, as we know it, is man-made. By now, quite some people have also heard that life and our experiences are not linear. Implementing this practically while living in a world in which nearly everything is scheduled and based on a linear timeline is a different story. This is often very challenging for many.  

Mind loves being based on linearity. It loves to categorise; a linear timeline and knowing what to expect when brings predictability; it gives a sense of comfort, especially when there is enough repetition. As humans, we like to stay in control, and knowing what will happen when adds to a ‘feeling of control’. 

The truth is that living like this is very limited. It creates too much pre-definition. Many people often feel overwhelmed with the amount of appointments and to dos in their schedules. It leaves little time for freedom or spontaneity. It hardly leaves time for self. 

The sense of being in control is a false one. It is more like being locked in than anything else. On top of that, linearity is what makes us grow older. Believing in a linear existence constantly feeds these thoughts to our DNA, which then has to follow the ‘instructions’ it received from the mind. This then has consequences like cells starting to deteriorate, creating ailments all over the place and basically moving the body towards a time of death. 

Repeating the same things over and over again – in my experience – strengthens linearity. It creates little pointers along the way, which add to the false sense of comfort and control, or, in truth, add to limitation. Repetition lulls mind into a slack state of relaxation. We let go and become less aware because we think we know the situation we are in through and through. 

Obviously no moment is exactly the same as any other moment that ‘went before’. Still, this is exactly what the human in us is after when we repeat situations like for instance pulling in the same playlist of music because we enjoyed it so much before. This too, lulls us into a limiting and slack state of relaxation. Playing a new list of music creates a new experience and makes it much easier to have the full experience. We are alert and open to what the experience will bring us. In my experience this also brings a huge sense of adventure and of freedom. It is expansive rather than limiting. 

As a student of ascension it is important to always monitor ourselves, the thought fields around us and the reality we are experiencing. A slack state of relaxation therefore is a rather dangerous one. Complacency is close and patterning or archetypes can easily take over. In general, as students of ascension, we are always invited to be new, to feel new and experience reality like it was the very first time, and to express ourselves in creative and new ways. A big reason for this is that at that point it is a certainty that you are not locking into old neural pathways but you are creating new ones. Old neural pathways mostly run on automatic pilot. 

I have mentioned already that no moment can ever be the same as any moment that went before. Believing that it is the same holds a lot of danger of not witnessing subtle changes. When learning and practicing to navigate our Mer-Ka-Ba, missing the smallest changes might throw us in dimensions we had no intention of going into. Therefore, full awareness of ourselves and our reality is vital. Change assists us with this. And change of course helps us to break free from attributes. 

At first, change often attracts resistance. The personality surely does not like change and will often experience this as restrictive. It is important to drop the resistance and just go with the changes. Once you’ve simply flowed with the changes for a while it will start to feel expansive instead and might give a huge sense of freedom. 

If you want to move forward on your path, playing with the topics discussed here can assist majorly. It changes your mindset, which was always so locked in that it did not even question linearity. Imagine how quickly your experience of life could change if you let go of this fixed linearity, if you train yourself to be open to different experiences, and if you expect to be moving back and forward on the timeline instead of repetitively running the hamster wheel of daily life. Pull some magic into your life! What do you have to lose? 

Love, Amy

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The very first time I connected to the information and wisdom presented by the precursors of The Rising Way (starting in 2005), it was clear that this strongly resonated with me. This was what I had been waiting for. Life and reality started to make sense, to my heart as well, and this awakened within me the strong wish to implement these teachings on a practical level. Although it took me some time to understand the depth of commitment that is required for ascension, it has been an incredible journey which has brought me so much growth already. 

I have recently started the path of a seeker and It is my honour to share my experiences, and insights with you. I am very pleased with the depth of information about ascension provided by The Rising Way. Here you too, can learn how to move forward on your path of ascension of self. Since I know how vital it is to walk this path together and learn from each other, I welcome your input, comments or questions. Feel free to post them in comments box or email me via your TRW inbox.

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  • Dear Amy, Thank you for a brilliant article. You have  brilliantly captured two of the illusionary mental traps that we can all fall into without even realising it and turned the whole thing upside down on its very rude nose! Repetition, especially, is a tricky one and keeps you out of the Now. 

    Loved this: "Imagine how quickly your experience of life could change if you let go of this fixed linearity, if you train yourself to be open to different experiences, and if you expect to be moving back and forward on the timeline instead of repetitively running the hamster wheel of daily life. Pull some magic into your life! What do you have to lose?"

    Keep on shining, Sis!  Love ya!


  • Thank you Amy,

    Our mind, for sure, loves to repeat, over and over again. then the heart cannot move to the next level of love!

    As Ekara said in the six simplicities: Change can only come from the Heart space.

    The heart, as the universe, is never static.  It seeks for new adventures.  Let's get over repetitions and linearity!  See yourSelf as a new in every moment and jump out of the hamster wheel! Nothing to lose indeed 



  • Great message dear Amy--thank you! It's striking to see, over and over again, that the things that would move us forward the most are the very things to which the mind has the strongest resistance. Go figure. In my experience, the patterns we identify with, as you have said Amy, basically lead us toward death. If we choose the building blocks of reality creation, love, joy, freedom, truth, and life--these lead us in the direction of truly living, of expansion, of real and lasting change. So I guess it's up to us. And it's a choice we must make over and over and over again, literally, with every breath. Love, Orchid

  • Thank You Amy for such loving conscious words and expressions..So true..Magic is the place I love hanging in!! 

    The most real and in the moment as you can be..Love to you.

    • Hi dear Michelle, 

      Thank you for your beautiful reply. I am happy that the words resonate with you. And yes, a place of magic is the max, I fully agree! 

      Love to you! 

  • Dear Amy, "Pull some magic into your life!" ... is what I am doing now ... with you and TRW ... and with KY ... something new everyday.

    Thank you for everything

    Much Love

    • Rock on, She-Stars! 

    • Dearest Lina,

      Yes, you most certainly are. And I honour you for it big time, sweetheart. It s a joy to connect to you, always. To even more new experiences along our way! I love you, Amy 

  • True words, dear Amy. We have seen time and again that as soon as we become comfortable with a new situation again, complacency is just around the corner. Our minds are indeed programmed to run on the hamster wheel of repetition, and it can be quite unsettling to at lest try and have new experiences, try and see each other new in every moment. As soon as we're not focused on the fact that every moment is new and exciting, we slip into default thinking and actioning mode and become "flat liners" as Kwan Yin would put it. Boring repetitive lemmings, allowing our program to run the show. With that, we don't create a magical experience but repeat that which came before. 

    Honestly, how often do we really DARE to be different and new? And do we really see each other new in every moment, knowing that the person that went for a walk half an hour ago is not the same that came back? Yes, our minds think they are one and the same, but they really are not. Life does not happen in a linear, chronological way, even though it might appear like that to us.

    It's quite a trip wrapping your head around the non linearity of events. I have to admit, it does make life a helluva lot more exciting though! If you look at your dreams, you never have an issue hopping from one experience to another, completely disregarding time and space... and it feels natural. But our brains translate our earthly experiences into this boring chronological sequence of events, leaving no space for magic and childlike wonderment. 

    So yes, the more we're open to experience every moment as a new one and see each other in that way as well, the less we will stay stuck on the hamster wheel of repetition and the more we allow for a magical reality creation. 

    Thank you for this lovely article, sis! Much love, Jasmine 

    • Thanks, dear Jasmine, those are great additions. Your mentioning of the lemmings made me laugh. It is so true though. As soon as we lock into our personality that is exactly what we all are.

      The good thing is that by now we understand that every personality is as ugly as any other and that none of it is to be taken personally or identified with. 

      Love you! 

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