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Ascended Teachers have often told us that the power of picking ourselves up after we fail is an extremely helpful quality on our way to ascension. After seven years of passionately wanting to move forward on my path and instead seeing myself tumbling down time after time, making mistake after mistake, I cannot agree more.

First of all, everyone will be moving through reality totally driven by patterning, or at best still somewhat ‘patterned up,’ until we have ascended. We also know that the matrix construct is designed to keep us locked in. As soon as there is progress, even just a little, mind will instantly try to divert this and pull us back into its grip. It is time to come to terms with this. 

Understanding that we have been programmed to not be able to ascend out of this matrix and that each and every one of us has to deal with our ‘own’ personality traits and mishaps helps us to see that this is not unique to any of us and that it is not personal at all. If it is not personal, there is no need to identify with the lesser expressions of ourselves and we can leave guilt and self judgement behind. In fact, we know that guilt and judgement are part of the very same program that wants to keep us small. 

If we can apply this to ourselves and to everyone around us, we create an easier space for us to stay as conscious as possible. It is so easy to judge someone else and to conveniently forget that this action comes from our own personality and patterns. Mind and programming in general attract more of the same. 

Nearly everything in the outside world is created to hold us back from our goal of ascension. It is important to constantly realise this in all our interactions. ‘The outside world’ is a swamp of illusions. The teachings even clearly state that there is no outside world. Everything around us is merely a projection on our MerKaBa screen, a translation of our thoughts and belief systems. In theory, we know this or at least have heard of it. So it is about staying in touch with this knowingness and with our inner world and understanding it is from this space that we have the power to create the reality we would like to experience. 

Most of what we eat, drink or even breathe has been manipulated, as has most of what we undertake in what we’re calling the outside world. If we interact with all this in consciousness, it does not have the same effect on us. At the same time, even when we think we are interacting with it in consciousness, we very well might not be.

The program has been set up so intricately, so precise and with so many hidden layers and loopholes, that from our human perspective and overview, it is impossible to navigate our way out of this system. As I said, we are in patterning until we are not. Patterning and mind often copy consciousness to draw us in anyway and we simply have no way of recognising this at all times. 

If you put it all together like this, it is almost logical that on our path to becoming more expanded versions of ourselves, and especially on our path to ascension, we often fall flat on our face. The good news is that we know that mind, personality and the program are finite. They are created by mind and therefore cannot continue to exist. We can understand the power of picking ourselves up as being a hugely important and welcome quality on our path. As long as we continue to choose for ascension, no matter what happened before, and as long as we do this with the utmost honesty we can muster from where we are, we keep moving in the right direction. 

This does not mean that we should just wallow in all this or accept it as a fact that limits us. It is up to us to detect as much of the program and patterning as possible, to keep our ascending self at the forefront, and to counteract the mind by doing the exact opposite of what it wants. This is how we make it clear that we don’t want to be mind’s puppet anymore and it is how we create new neural pathways. We choose our highest potentials into being by acting on them. We follow the teachings and advice given to us by our Ascended Teachers to the letter, in full trust, knowing that they are able to see the full picture and that they read us like an open book. We also know that they are only guiding us to fulfil our deepest wish which is to ascend. 

I feel infinitely blessed and grateful to be a direct ascension student. I know I would never be able to ascend relying on my own devices. Living in the presence of our Ascended Teachers, the love and compassion that surround us is beyond what words can describe or minds can fathom. Ascended Life tells us the truth as well. The creation of the AscendoSphere, a place where everyone who resonates with this work can connect, makes me so happy! Ascended Life is opening up ascension to all of humanity, offering to everyone on the planet a ticket out of the matrix.

If we all just persevere and get back up when we fall, we will get there, collectively and Individually. It is my sincere wish that all of you continue to connect with everything being offered here on the AscendoSphere. If you’d like to learn more about ascension, I hope you consider visiting the ascension centres that will be opening up in the very near future. Everything any of us does to expand ourselves supports the whole because we are all reflections of each other, having our own experiences. In my book, ascension is why we are here to begin with, so let’s stop pretending otherwise and be as committed and joyous about it as we can! 

With love, Amy

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The very first time I connected to the information and wisdom presented by the precursors of The Rising Way (starting in 2005), it was clear that this strongly resonated with me. This was what I had been waiting for. Life and reality started to make sense, to my heart as well, and this awakened within me the strong wish to implement these teachings on a practical level. Although it took me some time to understand the depth of commitment that is required for ascension, it has been an incredible journey which has brought me so much growth already. 

I have recently started the path of a seeker and It is my honour to share my experiences, and insights with you. I am very pleased with the depth of information about ascension provided by The Rising Way. Here you too, can learn how to move forward on your path of ascension of self. Since I know how vital it is to walk this path together and learn from each other, I welcome your input, comments or questions. Feel free to post them in comments box or email me via your TRW inbox.

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  • Dear Amy, I enjoyed reading the article, I agree with you! When something in my life arises, although I get primary impulse to get outside help, I tell myself :"unscramble yourself". And when I do I get stronger and believe in my inner powers with even more persuasion than before. Great award of Mercy! ❤️
  • Hi dear Kristina <3 

    I am glad to hear that the post resonated with you. Thank you for the beautiful gift you give to the children! It is beautiful to see your excitement and dedication for ascension. Thank you for being here! 

    Regarding your question about the books, I did not write one so far, I just meant to say that for me, in all of my beingness, it is clear that we are here for ascension. The first books from the team will be coming out soon though. Since you are here, you will automatically be updated about this. 

    Much love to you! 

    • Thank you for clearing this up for me. So much is yet to come! Very exciting! 

    • Yes, so much is yet to come! Even beyond what we can imagine. So exciting indeed! 

  • Thank you Amy for the topic, it all resonated, but one thought absorbed me completely: "Ascension school" is the only school I burn to attend   I never felt before so much need and desire to learn, as the currently existing education system only made and still makes us dumb, never question anything and never look inside. Working with children of school age, I try as much as I can to let them feel and see that there is so much more within and around that they weren't taught to feel, love and comprehend in general. But the system they're stuck in, including their parents, slows the attemps down. Most of the time I keep starting all over again when I am with them, but it brings hope that the seeds which are planted during these couple hours per week of at least slightly different attitude to percieve life, will eventually break through in some point in time. And that when they are through, the Ascension schools (or Ascension Temples as I call it :) ) will already be available. From my side, I'm doing all I can right now to evolve to be able to help with foundation and further schooling.

    And a Q: you say " In my book, ascension is why we are here to begin with ..." As I understood most of the Rising Team have written books based on their presonal exprerience of ascension process. If so, then where people can find them to read? 

    With Love <3

    • Dearest Kristina--It touches me deeply to feel what you are doing to express what you hold in your heart. Thank you for this and thank you for being here with us as we step into the expansive moments ahead of us all! With much love, Orchid 

    • Thank you, beautiful Orchid! I'm grateful to be a part of any small change in the world, and I can't express my excitement enough about such a massive step that humanity is taking now.

      Love your name , it reflects your nature for me!


    •  dear Kristina!

  • Thank you Amy- really enjoyed reading your insights. Yes.. picking ourselves up each time.. gets a bit easier each new time. Then when we look back we can see that falling down.. did create new steps for us to stand we picked ourselves up.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Good one Majana, it is so true. 

      Much love to you 

This reply was deleted.

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