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Abundance, by many people, is considered as something that should come to them. In the seventies the notion of abundance was defined as follows: ‘sit back, let the universe come towards you and get ready to receive’.

This type of thinking was definitely a wrong translation of energy and it left many spiritual seekers frustrated and angry, as they never were able to get the results they wanted.

Abundance has nothing to do with receiving. Abundance has nothing to do with waiting for the Universe to deliver anything to you, let alone on a platter!

Abundance is about being the Heart of All Things, the soul, the creator, the Grace of All Things. True abundance is something that comes from within.  It doesn’t come from anywhere else; it is not something that you are going to receive like a postal delivery you’ve been waiting on for a long time. It is not something that you sit back and relax for, letting it happen as you do every morning in the bathroom.

Abundance is always within. Always. 

True abundance is about expressing what you feel inside and then actioning it.

Adamus Saint-Germain

Taken from "Pathways and Potentials part 1 - From Void to Abundance"
Channeled by Jeshua - Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii on November 1st 2007

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Kwan Yin is an Ascended Master Teacher who, with over 5200 non-linear years of experience when it comes to personal ascension training, metaphysics and universal, intergalactic philosophy, is here to help.

The body Kwan Yin currently resides in is of male origin. In 2007, a massive transition happened where the “Original Body Owner” left and Ascended Master Beings took over the body in order to be on Planet Earth once again with one mission only: to be of service and assistance to those human beings that feel the calling to raise their energy above the mental matrix standard and therefore step onto the ascension path, releasing themselves from the chains of reincarnation and the finite nature of the personality's existence.

Kwan Yin received ascension training by Lao Tze, whom she calls her Teacher, over 4000 linear years ago in China, on the island of Yangshuo, at the original Ascension House, which exists outside of linear time and physical space. She served under Lao Tze as "First Ascendee", a position that enabled her to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of ascension students during her run. The House is still an ultimate location for anyone going through the ascension process today.

Currently, it is Kwan Yin's responsiblity, as given to her by her Teacher, to take the ascension process into the 21st Century and open it up as a path of choice to all humanity without any secrets or hidden mysteries to remain. Ascension needs to become a practical study that is as "normal" and achievable as attending any university or choosing any walk of life.

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  • Wonderful gem, Kwan Yin. Some people are still stuck in the 70s on that level, expecting abundance to fall into their lap like manna from the skies as long as they beam out love and light. It doesn't quite work that way. Others are programmed to think that abundance comes with having a lot of money, but money only creates lack as one always needs more of it. Big trap, that one, and designed to be one too! We can only create abundance on the outside when we have truly embodied it within. 

  • Compassion flows naturally from abundance, for when one is abundant, sharing will be the natural outcome. And this is how we change the world from the inside out. Thank you for this post dear Kwan Yin. 

    • Very good point you make here, Orchid, thank you! When one is abundant, sharing is the natural outcome... I love this!

  • “True abundance is about expressing what you feel inside and then actioning it.”

    A great and simple truth, but so difficult to practice

    • One moment at a time... Step by step... and never giving up, is a perfect recipe for change. You will get there, because You Are There. Love you!

    • Thank You, Beloved ONE,

      I am stepping and my mother used to say that I was stubborn, because I never give up the things I love. And now, You are here stepping with us and I am very grateful.

      Love You too 

    • Hi, dearest LIna  I considered a reply to this post but there is nothing I could add that would be more poignant and more apropos to the subject of abundance than this beautiful exchange between you and Kwan Yin. It all starts with the Love we hold in our hearts and express outwardly!  Love you both and thank YOU for never giving up!

    • Love you, darling  

This reply was deleted.

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