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If you are here on the AscendoSphere, having joined as a member or by simply browsing these pages, you likely came here to explore what ascension really means or because you are aware that there is more to Life than what you have previously experienced. We cover all things ascension including: personal and global empowerment, practical metaphysics, planetary enlightenment or ascension, and personal ascension. Hopefully, you will dive into the information that is presented and realise that the level of truth you discover is perfect for the next steps on your ascension path. I hope that you will find it as life-changing as I have.

As a member of The Rising Way team and a student on the personal ascension path, I get to read everyone’s profiles on the AscendoSphere and have the great joy to welcome everyone when they join the AscendoSphere community. I am always touched and honoured by our members’ willingness to jump on board not even knowing for sure what planetary ascension or the personal ascension path really are…yet.

Perhaps there is a burning desire within that you have carried all of your life that is ready to blossom into something more which is presented to you as a conscious calling of your soul you have heard but are not sure what that means, how to answer that calling, or where it will take you just yet. Perhaps you consider yourself having “awakened” and are ready for more. Perhaps you have been hearing about planetary ascension for years and want to be part of it. Perhaps you have a burning desire to assist Gaia, the Earth and Humanity, knowing that life on this planet is not sustainable as it is and is ready to transition into something beautiful and brand new; and you have a burning passion to bring your gifts and expression to the table to explore all that you can so you can be of greater service to the planet and even to the All. 

Perhaps you have been hearing about the matrix for years or are concerned about how messy things are getting “out there” and you’ve had enough of a finite life to nowhere except death and rebirth and you find yourself screaming inside “I want out of this mess!”  Perhaps you feel you have a good life and are doing your part in service to others, feel you are relatively happy, but want to be connected to deeper truth to help you in following your heart and passion and to keep abreast of the potentials ascension offers - on both planetary and personal levels. Perhaps you are simply curious. 

Whatever your reason, you are here and this begs the question “What next?” 

If you have been following the posts on the AscendoSphere, our social media platforms, and The Rising Way website, you will know that these sites have been purposefully created and guided by Ascended Life, with Kwan Yin, an Ascended Master Teacher, with over 5200 years of experience in personal ascension training, metaphysics and universal, intergalactic philosophy, at the helm to take the ascension process into the 21st century, moving out of mystery schools of old, and opening training and the process to all of Humanity, so that it becomes a practical study as “normal” and achievable as attending any university or choosing any walk of life. 

This is certainly a tall order and it is one that holds the brightest promise of all for all of us. It affects not only Humanity but all Life--every where and every when. As a species we are ready to take this next big step together, individually and collectively. This step will reverberate throughout timelines, the cosmos and the holographic reality we live in. This next big step is intrinsic to who we are: grand souls sharing One Heart, connected to Source through infinite cells that exist in the heart space in the centre of our chests, who ventured out to explore the unknown to make the unknown known, not only for ourselves, but for all Life.

The first step in getting somewhere is deciding you are not going to stay where you are and to consider the following quote by Millie Mestril, an author (A Soul’s Peaceful Quest: Lessons from the Path) and blogger (Moments with Millie) who writes for The Mastershift and regularly shares her journey to rediscover spiritual principles to reclaim self-acceptance and rediscover the truth of love:

“There’s no place like standing on the edge of the unknown. The spirit grows wings and suddenly letting go is all we are meant to do.”

To move forward in life, if we are focused on and committed to expanding our awareness, we typically will create experiences that help us to learn along a multiplicity of avenues that reflect our magnificent diversity and individual paths. To embody new teachings and A-Ha moments such that they can properly do their work, they must be accompanied by a letting go - of what we thought we knew; of our egoic nature; of our personality preferences, habits and addictions and of relationships and life circumstances that no longer serve our souls.

We have carried erroneous beliefs and have been influenced and controlled by our egos, personalities and minds all of our lives. It is time to step out of our comfort zones, whatever they may be, and out of limitation to step into the unknown with a sense of adventure and zest for Life and for real expansion. It is time to trust in ourselves and especially in our souls who know what to do next…and next…and next…and have guided you here.

The choice we are presented with now is between a finite life and an infinite one; of repetitive and unnecessary death and rebirth in which we do not even remember our loved ones or the eternal connection we have to everything we’ve ever been, are, and will be, including what we have learned or our authentic memories and experiences of the heart and the love we have created along our many lifetimes of journeying until we have arrived here now; of limitation and slavery to the matrix mind and control system to liberation to an eternal experience of Universal Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth and Life that never ends, and in fact, has no beginning, no middle and no end, always present in the eternal NOW.

From an ascended perspective, if we truly want to embrace the real and practical potential of becoming infinite and eternal beings, we need to let go of all that we thought we were because what we thought we were came from the personality we have carried throughout all of our lifetimes on Earth as part of the matrix set-up which also kept us trapped (until recently) in a cycle of death and forced reincarnation precisely so we could not ascend. This is how it goes in a mental matrix paradigm which creates the ego-mind-personality construct and imprints it on our DNA when we are born to fool us and our souls into accepting limitation and thinking this is all there is. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The second step after deciding you are not going to stay where you are is to do a serious self-assessment and house-cleaning by questioning all that you knew and what you want for yourself, then to begin or continue to let go of who you thought you were, while exploring the ascension path with an open mind and an open heart. This letting go process can be the hardest part of the ascension process; however, there is great support for this, and the teaching, inspiration and purity of unconditional love you will find here will assist you in this process and offer you expansion that will make your heart and soul sing out loud. 

The third step is simply to keep walking, ever explorative, and to keep appreciating all of your experience, what brought you here, what you experience going forward, and everything in between so you can distinguish what is real and what is not, and to honour and love yourselves for the grand beings you are. Keep in your awareness that you are breaking through illusions and limitation and boldly stepping into the unknown to make it known not only for yourselves, but for your loved ones and all that you hold in your magnificent hearts, including the planet, the Self and the All. Like drops of water that become a wave, you will find that you are much bigger than you thought you were and that you were never forgotten, separate or alone in the first place. 

As you integrate and synthesise what you are learning and experiencing along the way as you keep walking and applying the teaching and guidance offered, there will by many quantum leaps that will delight your soul and make your heart soar. You will realise that you are never the same person you were even a moment ago in linear time and that infinity awaits with every breath that you take and every step that you make.

Know that being at ease without knowing everything all at once will allow for the insights, A-Ha moments and the answers you need to come. Stay curious, go step-by-step, and keep going until the curiosity or committed interest that brought you here becomes a burning passion of your heart and soul that cannot be denied. The fire of self-discovery can never burn us; it is in this very fire and discovery that we are reborn to eternal life. 

There is stable footing for you here, should you choose it. You are and will always be loved beyond measure. We live in exciting times, indeed. It is an honour to meet you here and to share them with you.

Amber Adams

Before I dedicated myself to the ascension path, I had been a spiritual seeker for many years. I learned to open my heart, the importance of self-love, and a LOT of spiritual information. It was never enough to fill the underlying feeling that there was much more to learn and to experience to connect to the greater mysteries of the Soul, that despite all of my growth, I could never fully touch. Always passionate about service to others, I walked in many people’s shoes, shared my heart and joy as openly as I could, and created many projects to improve the lives of others. This all changed when I stepped onto the path of personal ascension. There is simply no comparison to anything that came before, especially the direct experience of the eternal love of Ascended Master Teachers and their guidance. To me, the ascension path is the ultimate Hero’s Journey of every Soul and the most expansive, infinite service to others opportunity in all of creation. It is my greatest honor and joy to complete this journey and to openly share my knowledge, experience, and above all, my heart, with you as a member of The Rising Way team – so you, too, can rediscover the Heroes that you truly are and were always meant to be!

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  • Beautiful Message and very heart-felt!

  • GREAT blog dear Amber!!! You've woven so many ideas together that are so very well worth considering! It is the eternal questions that drive us forward--the questions no one can answer for us! The truth is that on the path of personal ascension, we are stepping into the unknown and we ditch our ideas of who we thought we were. If pretty much everything we thought about ourselves is not true, then what? It's the most profound journey of self discovery to allow who we really are to emerge. It's nothing we have to achieve, our true self unfolds naturally as we disentangle ourselves from all of our mental programming. Ascended Life is here to assist us step into a new version of ourselves. Gratitude for our Ascended Teachers and for one another as we move forward on the ascension path together. 

    • I love this sentence, dear Orchid: "If pretty much everything we thought about ourselves is not true, then what?" There can be quite some resistance to accepting this, which of course comes from a mind that is designed to not accept this. However, the mind is finite and we have always been the power that lies behind the concept of the matrix mind - as you say, as we disentangle ourselves from our mental programming, our true selves will continue to emerge. This is what ascended life is here to help us do and to teach us that we, too, can ascend, as they have done, for which I, too, am grateful beyond measure.

      Love you, Sis! I am honoured to walk this path with you and to be here sharing what we are learning so we can all grow together, always connected through our infinite hearts.

      Love, Amber 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • I know, Majana!  Isn't that truly liberating? I love knowing I'm not who I thought I was when fully identified with my personality.  So much has opened up for me as I started to let go and continues to do so every day. There is so much more to explore and experience. Being a question mark vs. a pre-defined answer to a question never asked by consciousness is a lot more fun!

      Love, Amber 

  • Thank you dear Amber, for answering a question deep inside me....since birth and specially since the beginning of my 2015... What´s next?  

    Basic...The fire of self-discovery can never burn us; it is in this very fire and discovery that we are reborn to eternal life.  

    Now I can say clearly that letting go of everything we once knew is a never ending process until we master the illusions hand become the incarnation of unconditional love and freedom...

    Then, only then, can our Spirit grow enormous wings and fly into the unknown...within, within, within, within, within, within...where the TEACHER (CREATOR) has always been...

    Thank you for the opportunity  to express these words I needed to address  my own Self!!!!!!!!!

    Much love


    • Thank YOU, dearest Patricia, for your eloquent and soul-full expression. You have hit the nail on the head. It is all within and what is within is real. The only way out of what is not real is to fully embrace this and let go of all that is not unreal by mastering the grand illusions of this seeming space-time reality....all the way to ascension, of course!  One of Ekara's six simplicities is "It's not as difficult as you think." -- with "think" the operative word.  I am honoured to spread my wings and soar to infinity with you and love you gobs and gobs! 

      Love, Amber

This reply was deleted.

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