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A Note on Colour, Frequency, Food & Healing

What we perceive in physical reality as "colour" is actually the result of the frequency of the sun's light interacting with the frequency of the physical/illusory matter that our merkaba and akene (amongst other things) generate around us.

As such, it makes real sense that different "colours" or "frequencies" will have different positive or negative "effects" on our general electromagnetic field and physical system as we unify with them in the form of eating, as suggested in the following image:

How do you experience frequencies and food in your daily life? Are you aware of colour, energy, frequency and more things of such an ethereal nature as you life your life and process and interpret your impressions and experiences?

As co-creators with Gaia, Spirit, or Source, we often do not understand the simplicity of the tools that are available to us, which we often would grasp 'naturally' as children and play with them. In this is a key to successful co-creation: the ability to PLAY with our lives, from a field of Love, Joy, and Freedom, which by default - as energy rises - will lead to Truth and yes, ultimately, Infinite & Rising Life!

These great graphics show where the food you are or are not eating is on the alkaline scale, while also giving you a good overview of alkaline foods that assist in cleansing and detoxing your physical/biological system:

Such is healing, such is abundance, and it is right there, within our grasp, all we have to do is reach out and play.

I look forward to reading your experiences with these things in the comments below.


Kwan Yin

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