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  • Last nite finally slept... i dreamt i was being hunted by a guy wanting to imprison & rape me, awoke kinda scared & contemplated n i felt that it was me in a past life/ timeline & how i misused male energy, then today listened Solaris about response ability stuff, kinda showed me why i thought self abuse & only orgasming with pain n violence mmmm shame i never experienced lovemaking & now don't feel horny at all,im sure theres another kinda orgasm thats not nesceserely to do with penetration?  I feel kinda comfy n safe see, even tho you in a male form feel like i'm talking to me  n i love me so much now means i love every1 same same Namaste to all of you n thanQ Kwan, Jeshua,  Solaris, Adamus, Kuthumi, The All That IS, love you completely & you Beverley 

  • Hello Kwan Yin WoW what a day You, Solaris & Merkiaa (sorry spelling smelly) anyway i'm sure you the 1 to ask..." don't seem to blink very often for the last year or so not a problem eyes don't seem to mind, also to die for skin!! sooo soft is it cos i don't go out really ? i dint feel that it is i'm kinda scared to think that its all part n parcel of waking up! hope so & if you were to watch me stand its like a 2 yr old i can't speak properly too i do laugh a lot no reason just laughter, i'm alone alllll the time & have been ok with that mostly quiet mind just spaciousness, although now meeting Amzaia   i feel like dancing & super excited about everything really haaa its all true i just know knew always really just didnt have any community connection thought it had to be suffering alone   even tho i'm not really a time kinda kid i feel its the right time, all the beautiful stuff that comes thru or outta you makes me feel like i'm with me again im sure you understand what i mean or im nuts... yeah thats more like   i love you all aspects of you me us all in a clean way if ya know what i mean i seem to have gone on a bit kinda celebrating really don't know why ... but i do ... always knew everything gonna be ok for all see, & you all prove me right  did i tell u how much i love it all, this capacity to love is huge got so much love dunno what to do with it  anyway thanx for letting me be here thanx for Amazia so much love, with no end no beginning  no middle Haaa bit like my body now oh yeah please how or when does 3rd eye open ? lotsa love 

  • I asked that question on a topic.

    I had some very revealing dreams.

    1 - It was said que my 3D is dissolved.
    2 - I Have Been said que I am invisible for money.
    3 - It Has Been said "Let's have fun?"

    Can anyone help me clear this up?

    Thank you all.

  • A Shared Vision of a previous Golden Age (16-20 years ago)

    I was receiving an energy healing sometime before 2000when the metaphor of changing frequency dials came up in which I could tune into a vision. I was saying to the healer what I was seeing and she could tune into it too.

    It felt like the previous golden age. I was in a procession like what is painted on Egyptian sacred sites. I was wearing a bird head –maybe falcon and a crown white like Horus – so whether I was having a moment feeling like what it was  to be Horus or part of his linage/hierarchy I don’t know.

    What I did feel was not everyone knew what the procession really signified, it was happening for a normal culture reason for that time. But the real reason which was to do with the shift of the ages away from the Golden Age.

    The Golden Age was shown by a constant shimmer of gold everything was golden particles including the procession, the buildings and then air. Distinction was made by light not tone and shade. I could see through objects but I could also tell what was a person what was air-ether even though is was a big field of shimmering particles like seeing prana or energy constantly animated and reforming shifting, nothing was isolated or separate. It felt like a 5D world or higher.

    Everything seemed normal for that time, in fact there was no linear time or gravity. This was shown by the equivalent of a Cuckoo Clock, this was the time of Egyptian being the leading culture this time.  (I wonder if the Egyptian imagery could hark back to Lemuria and Atlantis- since they are connected). A range of deities god rotated on a circular platform.

    After several rotations/processions the Egyptian Gods disappeared and Greco-Roman  Gods appeared the cogs of the clock locked up, this signified the beginning of linear time.

    The visual metaphor was then given of Michelangelo’s  slave – in which a now solid 3d person is trying to break out of stone. I take this as the shift from 5d or more coming down to 3d but there is a struggle to break out of our 3d container /bodies.

    Meanwhile the main Egyptian procession was still happening. In which it seemed that everything was the same but it wasn't. Everything had shifted but it was only those in the know who knew the Golden Age had ended. But it would take decades or more and only when people looked back everyone then knew the Golden Age had ended.

    I feel this is a metaphor of our current shift of 2012-2015 and nor 2016-18, on the surface everything looks the same, it will be when you know how to see under the illusion, or by looking back in so many decades time that everyone will know we have shifted up to 5D.

    Through this I had moments of becoming an eagle/falcon and could fly above the procession to get the broader view symbolically as well as visually in which there were golden buildings. this I took as a metaphor of 3rd eye seeing where one could raise above and see the big picture.

    I would be interested in any feedback - of if this was just a reality bubble between two people, or if it has the potential to start to describe what the previous golden age was like. I feel we are going back to some level of this but it might take century's or it may be seen sooner through the 3rd eye.

    My trigger to write this was when Kwan Yin talked about a reduction in gravity, instead there would be levity, This was like in the vision,  these people/deities in the procession walked on the ground but with no weight, it was with grace and ease like they barely touched the ground.

    I would appreciate any feedback or comments,
    I would like to start paining it and see where it leads me...

    thanks dhyana

  • I am currently in what I would like to believe the last stages of ascension.  I I don't know how you are able to tell and maybe I have a long way to go before I AM in the I AM.  I have had disabling back pain for most of my life and I also have had 5 spine surgeries.  In the past year my pain levels have dropped to almost zero.  Using the many of the techniques I have learned and meditation has been a very large contibuting factor to keeping my pain levels down.  In the past week I have been in very serious and debilitating pain again.  I have not been able to release this pain at all.  I am starting to wonder if the pain has something to do with my ascension and once I release this pain will this be one of the final steps in my ascension process?  I really feel that this may be the case.  I am wondering if anyone else has any wisdom for me!  I feel very lucky to be apart of this awesome organization and want to thank everyone at TRW.  Many thanks to you also Kwan Yin for starting this amazing site!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • My old hip injury (I did it to my self) from 1995 all of sudden flared up about 5 months ago. I too feel as if I'm on the final stages of this ascension of remembering my Self and was surprised when the pain flared up for seemingly no reason I can discern. 

      I have watched my Mom suffer with pain from a disintegrating back and multiple surgeries for 15 years. I feel for you Jeff Good. HUG

    • Hi my dearest Jeff,

      thank you for your question! I look forward to diving into it on our next Ascension Hangout - or perhaps on our Q&A Special, which we'll be recording soon! We are about to buy a system that'll allow everyone on the AscendoSphere to not only watch these recordings live while they happen, but also to interact directly with us via audio or video, using their own computers. Hopefully, you and I can have a chat and discuss your question directly on our next show!

      And, much gratitude for your beautiful sentiments in which you end your question... I feel so joyful that you're here with us! Rock on!!

      Love, and talk soon!

      Kwan Yin

    • Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this growing group of totally awesome Seekers!
    • Hi dear Jeff,

      So great to hear from you! Thanks so much for your question. It’s been added to our Q & A list for an upcoming broadcast where it will be answered. After the broadcast, we’ll drop you a line and let you know where you can find our response!

      Sending you much love and gratitude for being here,

      Orchid and The Rising Way Team 

  • In my very first contact with the precursors of The Rising Way in 2005, I too, was able to ask a question. The answer hit me right in the heart space and blew me away at the same time. It was so accurate, practical and helpful. It made sense to my heart.

    This is when I knew that I had found what I had been looking for all along.

    I am very excited that this space has been created. Thank you for stepping forward and asking your questions. You too will receive clarity and have a chance to propel into expansion as fast as you choose! 

    Thank you Kwan Yin, for opening up this space and ascension in general. I know it will touch many hearts. 

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