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It's been the "go to" fix for the global handlers & the global control system for many centuries: the PROBLEM / REACTION / SOLUTION scenario (PRS). Exposed and discussed by many over the years, such as researcher David Icke, the PRS scenario works as follows:

  • you (the controllers) want something handled (i.e. a freedom taken away, a war started, vaccines introduced, etc.) without alerting the public to the fact that their liberties are taken away or that stronger forms of control are about to be executed;
  • as such, you (the control system) create a "false flag operation" in a covert manoeuvre while blaming a "global terrorist enemy", which most likely you yourself have created; this is the "PROBLEM";
  • the public, outraged by the so-called "terrorist attack" that has happened to them, demands you (the control system) to take action against this and stop this happening again immediately, in the form of protests, social media campaigns, and the like; this is the REACTION;
  • ultimately, in response to the public's REACTION to your cleverly manipulated PROBLEM, you give them the SOLUTION that you wanted to install to begin with: more control, more checks, less freedom.

Another effect of the PRS scenario is an increase of fear, given that you create a worldview, which, in the public's eye is darker and more dangerous than it truly is.

The video by RT, at the top of this entry, clearly shows that the recent events in Paris, which shook up the world, and which was followed by the now infamous speech by president Hollande, who mysteriously refers to "les illumines" - the enlightened or the illuminati - the reference of which, in our opinion, is part of the PRS scenario, were part of a large false flag, in order to potentially create a strong attack on certain freedoms within Europe and the European Union.

In closing, let me add that any "public response" to events such as the ones in Paris recently, which is near-immediately and magically organised so as to be equipped with a banner, logo and tagline to top it all off ("JE SUIS CHARLIE") - you can almost smell the hidden hand of marketing behind it all - usually reeks of a PRS scenario hiding somewhere, and is part of a plan to generate public response and "sympathy".

The why of that becomes clear when you realise that the expression of human "sympathy" creates a harmonic wave, which makes one vibrate in synch with the proposed frequency of fear, negativity, and indeed on a deeper level it allows the matrix control system to "install" the story you need to believe in your mind.

On top of that, the use of "CHARLIE" is interesting, and again implies that the "false flag operation" truly may have been well-prepared, given that half the social media universe (as well as the rest of the world) is now going around claiming "they are CHARLIE", which, if memory serves, used to be slang for "the enemy" in the Vietnam war, while also being a reference to the illuminati-controlled drug, cocaine:

Charlie - NOUN (usually uncountableplural Charlies)

  1. (military slang) An enemy; the VietCongshort for Victor Charlie.
  2. (uncountable, slang) Cocaine.

So, in a completely contorted and manipulated set-up, there are now countless people all over the internet and on the streets inadvertently proclaiming that they are "the enemy"... and so, they give their power away to more control, more enslavement... more of less.

Coincidence? I think not.

Keep your hearts vibrating at the frequency of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth & Life... always!

Kwan Yin

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  • Is it wishful thinking the fact that the word root of Charlie is Charl from the german Karl, meaning free man? So Je suis Charlie could also mean I AM a free man!!!!

    Wishful thinking or extreme naiveté?

    Love, love love from the coeur of the Akene

  • Thank you for the clarity on this topic Kwan Yin, with so much dis-and mis-information swirling around on the internet. And on it goes, getting more obvious by the day. Not about putting our heads in the sand but rather observing what is going on around us, making a clear choice whether we choose a mental space, i.e. fear, or the clarity and simplicity of the heart. Requires focus so surround yourself with those who feel as you do and watch what you can create together! Love always wins as energy tends to raise itself naturally. Namaste. Orchid 

  • Even if people are aware of these types of manipulation the control system uses, and if one looks at outcomes such as the so-called fabricated war on terror after 9-11, for example, it can be easy to see their game externally. Few are fully aware though of the insidious depths this goes - for example, manipulating people into sympathy to alter their frequencies to keep them dumbed down and 'locked down' so they cannot rise above the matrix standard energy on earth. As the article on this site about Dealing with Archetypical Influence explains, 9-11 was a huge manipulation to attack freedom, part of a war on the rise of consciousness and in this case on the frequency of Freedom, one of the building blocks of creation and life as it has always been meant to be. Knowing all of this, it does not help anything to play into "their" hands by going into fear or anger. Awareness and neutrality are key, along with vigilance in continuing to do our work to raise above the mental matrix standard on earth - precisely what the ascension path will do and more!  And as you have said, dear Kwan Yin, to keep our hearts vibrating at the frequency of Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth & Life.   

    Love, Amber

  • It's so very predictable the way the control system is manipulating us. By now I'm sure that many people must be aware of what is happening. I have no doubts that this was another false flag attack. The whole "terrorist attack" thing is becoming such a farce. After that you had the protest march of 3 millions people in France. Seems too well orchestrated to be a spontaneous happening... 

    Thank you for putting it so clearly into words, Kwan Yin. It will hopefully open many an eye. Much love, Jasmine 

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