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Dear All,

I am very glad to let you know that, as part of our effort to keep improving the AscendoSphere, we are planning Language Groups in the future, i.e. French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc.

The idea of the language groups is to not only allow people to communicate with each other in their mother tongue, but also for translations of our archived and more recent material to start appearing there, either in written, audio or video form, depending.

We are now looking for people who are interested in becoming moderators for a group in their own mother tongue. A moderator will be responsible for welcoming new people to the group, keeping an eye on their language forum, as well as guiding volunteers with translations of the material that is being released by The Rising Way and The AscendoSphere.

Are you interested in volunteering to be a moderator for your native language, or to become a translation volunteer?

Please contact the team at and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

You are Loved, Always and in All Ways.

Kwan Yin

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  • It will be a thing of Joy for me to be part of the language translation in this great site. I am an Igbo by tribe from Southeastern Nigeria, West of Africa. If a translation in Igbo Language is needed, i will be glad to be the translator here in the Rising way. Peace and Love to all who value them.
  • Thank You, Beloved Kwan Yin, for this great opportunity, not only for the portuguese members but, specialy for me. This will keep me very close to You and of the Ascended Masters Teachers. Translate Your words and Your energy will be a great challenge for me and will put me permanently focused at my choice; Freedom!
    I Love You

  • This is wonderful, Kwan Yin! I'm thrilled that other language groups are going to be added to our AscendoSphere! So many people will benefit from that. I'd be happy to moderate the German group!  So many more great updates... We truly live in exciting times! 

    Much love, Jasmine 

  • I say Thank You, Thank You and Thank You back to you, beloved Kwan Yin and team of the Rising Way!!!!

    Many blessings,


  • Gracias!  que maravilloso que todos en este universo compartiremos este gran camino, y que gusto que sea en mi legua, un abrazo amoroso para todo el equipo.

  • LOVE this exciting update dear Kwan Yin! it will be fantastic to have our information going out in as many languages as possible! And we are all over the moon in anticipation of what we’re going to be creating together just ahead! Keep sending your questions to us and talk to you soon! With much love, Orchid 

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