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Layers of Reality

Somehow a lot seems to be happening for everyone. Many of you too, have shared with us that you are challenged in one way or the other. Wonderful things are happening at the same time. Reality is fast, and reality is fluid. We are navigating this as best we can, but boy do we still have a lot to learn. 

In the more challenging situations I remember that we always have a choice. I will share, maybe it will help you too. 

We are aware of the fact that there is only the NOW, we know that time is an illusion and that everything basically takes place at the same moment. There are many layers to reality. There are many possible realities in which the same situation plays out from varying perspectives and therefore they are different experiences. There are infinite realities to choose from. 

In the last few weeks this has been strongly in my awareness. And when I was physically not feeling well, or when there was something else going on which was less than perfect, I remembered that I always have a choice of perspective. If everything is NOW, then there also has to be a reality in which I have ascended already. And many others in which I am well on my way. 

In these realities, no matter what would be playing out around me or with the body I am inhabiting, I am absolutely certain that joy and gratitude for the life I am living are so exuberantly present that it would be this joy I would experience rather than anything else. 

I will continue to explore this deeper and let you know. I also look forward to hearing from you, if you’d like to share.

Much love, 


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  • Because of Beverly's comment, I just re-read this forum entry from October 2015, dear Amy. Very cool indeed! I'd love to hear how this exploration is going for you now, in 2017... Can you comment when you have the chance? Much Love!

  •  you are fabulous Amy

    • Thank you for being with us, dear Beverly, you are awesome! 

    • As are you dearest Beverly  I am so glad that you are here! 

  • HI dear Amy, thank you for sharing these wise words. It truly is entirely up to us how we want our reality to unfold. It is a choice in every moment. I know only too well how quickly my inner reality becomes manifest in my outer one, so the more I keep up the continuity of monitoring my thoughts and gauge whether I am in mind or in the heart - choosing between limitation or celebration; as Merkaia said - the more consciously I can create my reality. Much love, Jasmine 

  • Hi Amy, one thing I am starting to realize is subconsious/conscious manifesting. You dont certain things, think certain thoughts weather its through music or otherthings and then years later you say to your self WOW I somehow knew this was going to happen. Yet in current moments we struggle and Question why did i put my self in this situation and all along we knew exactly what was going to happen. It leads me to beleive our life is planned out and we have to feel it roll out. I could be entitely wrong about life pre destination because its a theory but the powers of manifestion are certainly strong. It makes me wonder what else i planned for myself.
    • Hi Dale! Thank you for this awesome comment! Yes, you might have pre-planned things for yourself, often subconsciously, but the Now moment always allows for minor or drastic changes in that plan. Especially in this day and age where the so-called training wheels are off! 

      As Amy suggests below, I think it would make for a wonderful question in our Q&A videos... So I'll add it to my list and get into a bit of a deeper answer there! You'll see via the newsletter when it has been recorded!

      Take care!

    • Thank you very much for your explanation, dear Kwan Yin. I, too, very much look forward to the Q&A about this!

      Love, Amy
    • Hi dear Dale,

      Thank you very much for your reply. I hear why you could think this, why it seems like that.

      As far as I am aware, the pre-definition stage of our life is far gone. More than ever we have a huge impact on our reality, we choose it into existence by our very thoughts and actions.

      If you would like to learn more about all this, I"d like to invite you to dive into the huge Imzaia Library, which you can find on this website and on The Rising Way YT channel.


      And do not forget that you are very welcome to send in your questions to Ascended Life, via

      Much love to you, Amy
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