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Lemurian Beauty Unfolds

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I Love the synchronicity and the master numbers... So much positivity and beauty is unfolding in this moment, it leaves me almost breathless.

We have just 'discovered' an area, very near to our new home, with massive Lemurian energies... absolutely brilliant, ancient Lemurian flowers still rule the landscape, while portals and vortex walkways of red soil and red rock are scattered all around, as the ocean embraces the entire horizon.

This will definitely be a major spot for our Lemuria Rising events!

Can't wait to show you and work there with you all...

I didn't bring my camera but tomorrow I surely will and share some pictures. The image on top, which I chose to share together with this text, is not taken on the location I just mentioned, but it is also close to my heart. Enjoy.

Basking in the warmth and light of the Algarvian-Lemurian sun, the team & I send you All Our Love.

Have yourself a blessed little weekend,
and know in your heart that Lemurian Beauty Now Unfolds.

Kwan Yin

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  •    Love it....Thank you...very excited 

  • <3 Kwan Yin <3

    It's beauty is palpable.

    Pristine, and picture perfect.




  • This is a place of otherworldly beauty, serenity, and peace with colors so vibrant it takes your breath away. Feel truly blessed and deeply grateful to be living here where Lemuria is rising once again.

    Love you all 

  • So much magnificence, beauty and love unfolding! With gratitude and infinite love for everyone! 

  • How  can we clean this place (and the whole country) of  hologram marks of conquerors, that we built from the 16 century and spread through Africa and Brazil till now?

    • Dear Lina, with the discontinuation of (and disconnection from) the 'old control matrix grid' of leylines and the reawakening of the flower of life geometry as the energetic veins of planet Earth, the 'marks' you mention will by default be 'undone' as far as this country is concerned, which goes for every square millimetre of the planet as well. As we evolve, so does Gaia. As Gaia evolves, so do we. Love you endlessly 

    • Thank you, Dear Kwan Yin, for clarifying this subject (I was concerned with the souls that became stuck on that process). Now I feel more light. Has anything that Gaia needs me to do, in order that I evolve and may help Her?

      Lot of Love

    • Hello again my beautiful Lina, hope you are having a Sunny Sunday  As far as your question with regards to how you can assist Gaia is concerned, I would say aligning (as you are) with the new geometrix grid (lemurian flower of life geometry) which is now unfolding, definitely is a great help, and stepping deeper and deeper (or higher and higher) into your ascending self.

      Sending you endless Love,

      Kwan Yin 

  •  So much beauty and grace unfolding.....much gratitude 

  • My beautiful land is a Lemurian Land. Thank you Beloved Kwan for telling me this.

    I Love You

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