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I thought you might like to stay on top of some of the "mind control" and "mind programming" that is going on "out there" on a daily basis.

Of course, you cannot stay away from ALL media at ALL times, and as such it is important to be aware of how information is being presented to you and what the possible background of and reasoning behind these news items and choices sometimes are.

In this case, take a look at the following article from CNN:

I'm not saying that anything is wrong (or necessarily right) with Ms. Lynch, however I will point out the following inter dimensional / archetypical facts:

  • This story is all over the news and other forms of media right now (in my case, it was thrown my way because of a visit to the Twitter-verse) and, as such, there is a reason for that: a programming attempt is being carried out. Always is, with these sorts of things.
  • This attorney's name is important with regards to mind programming, here's why:
    • Names that work as an alliteration, where both the first and last name start with the same letter, are often used in mind programming. The human brain is coded to accept these types of names and clauses on a deeper, subconscious level with the message "PAY ATTENTION & PREPARE FOR INSTRUCTIONS".
    • In this specific case, Loretta Lynch, a "double L", is quite important to understand. When it comes to archetypes, every letter of the alphabet (as well as numbers and symbols) have specific meanings. In short, the "L" archetype, when observed as a symbol instead of interpreted as a sound, indicates a "SHARP CORNER", i.e. your mind is being instructed to accept a quick and out-of-the-blue turn-of-events that it might not have seen coming. This "turn-of-events" might not even have anything to do with the announcement being made here, but will usually relate to a news topic / world event coming up.
    • It is very likely that the "SHARP CORNER" the mind is told to "PAY ATTENTION" to and "PREPARE FOR INSTRUCTIONS" for has to do with the energetics behind the name of the "CHOSEN ONE", in this case, "LYNCH", which, according to the Webster dictionary, implies the following:
      • To kill someone illegally as punishment for a crime;
      • To put to death (by mob action) without legal sanction.
    • If you understand that language, as it exists since the Fall of Atlantis and beyond, has to do with SPELL CASTING (as you learn language, you learn how to "spell") then you will realise that the specific use of a name references a specific spell that is attempted to be cast upon your unaware mind.
    • To conclude: the global, Western mind is being told to prepare for a sharp corner that is being prepared for when it comes to the U.S. legal system: a new level of "illegality" is being prepared for, more rights are being planned to be taken away, and your mind is being told to be submissive to this command. Most likely, "something unexpected" is about to happen, which in typical problem/reaction/solution mode will lead drones of people to "demand a change" which is currently being put into place unnoticeably.

Please understand I am not writing this piece because I am "against" Ms. Lynch, nor am I "in favour" of her. She, as a person, most likely has no idea why she has been chosen for this task - or maybe she does, but it does not matter. What matters are the reasons behind the choice and the transmission.

Now, in conclusion, I want you to know that understanding how this works means that you can let go of any fear of the unknown or, in other words, any fear that anything is being done to you beyond your knowledge or control.

This is the main reason why I am explaining these things to you. The attempt of these situations is to pull you away from your focus on the divine, the All That Is, and place you in your little "sand bucket environment" where you appear to have no control. This is, by necessity, an impossible task to achieve: you cannot permanently be pulled away from your Source, your Core, but you can be distracted.

It is in those moments that things get implanted in your mind: inverted geometries and the like that might trigger fear responses and inability to act when the calling of your Soul is the loudest.

You can make a difference - You do not have to accept these codes of programming.

All you have to do is be aware of who and what you truly are... and know that you are always fine.

I can talk more about these things, if you like, or not. But if you do, let me know your questions in the comments below.

Sending waves of Abundant Well-Being and Love to You,

Kwan Yin

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  • Dear Kwan Yin, thank you for this very helpful piece of information. I never looked at letters as archetypes before, although I was aware that language carries programming codes as well. Fascinating stuff and very empowering to know what we're up against. 

    I'd be very interested in the meaning of the other letters of the alphabet. If at some point you could explain more about that, that would be much appreciated. 

    Furthermore, it is good to know that we can never be pulled away from our divine source completely. Distractions, however, abound and we have to be very careful not to be lured away from our heart space. "They" do try but they won't succeed in the long run. The more people are aware of what is really happening, the less they're able to control us.

    Much love, Jasmine 

  • Thank you for posting this info dear Kwan Yin. And especially thank you for this: 

    ‘All you have to do is be aware of who and what you truly are... and know that you are always fine.’

    The simplicity of it is that this can never be taken from us.

    With love,


    • Right on, Orchid...! Love you!

    • Beaming this love out to the world Kwan Yin! Love you too!

  • Thank you dear Kwan Yin, for sharing the Ascended Perspective on these events. It is so very helpful to keep my own perspective in check. I also know that questions about events like the one described here were often part of Q&A's during the many shows in the Imzaia Archives. Many people struggle with the balance of focusing on the world we want to create and still be aware of the full picture. So posts like this one are extremely helpful. With love and gratitude, Amy 

    • You are welcome, Amy and all -- I welcome questions about this specific topic or other topics and can easily offer explanations with regards to events such as this one at any time! Love!

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