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Pure Imagination - Jamie Cullum


Jamie Cullum is -and always has been- a favourite performer of many of The Rising Team members.

Especially this song touches the heart strings of imagination like no one else can.

Will you come with us into the realms of the unexplored?



Kwan Yin

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  • Fabulous ! Thank you ..... means so much <3 

  • Love Jamie Cullum and this particular track! I don't think there is a more versatile artist "out there" at the moment. Simply genius how he can play just about every instrument. A truly grand artist whose music very often wafts through this ascension house! Thank you for posting this beautiful song, Kwan Yin  the lyrics of which remind us what reality creation is really all about. Much love 

  • A beautiful testament to the power of imagination by a masterful artist. The gift of imagination would serve each of us and humanity as a whole with regular exercise. Thank you for posting this, dear Kwan Yin. It is a wonderful reminder we all can take advantage of.

    Love, Amber 

  • There's something about this song......Evokes a special feeling.....Love it! Thank you Kwan Yin 

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