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Spiritual Mind and Cognitive Dissonance

Spiritual mind is a dangerous trap, as we well know by now. Since this is a space of fake consciousness, it can convince you that you're in the heart space when you're not. 

A couple of days ago, I had a very powerful experience on that level. I'm often too fast, so I have been focused on slowing down for a while now. The wakeup call came when I was reminded again to please slow down...

The interesting bit is that whereas in my own perception I quietly moved around at the pace of a snail in slow motion, in the perception of the ones around me, I stampeded through the room.

Obviously, since everyone else had perceived me as fast and noisy, my own perception must have been clouded. 

Never has cognitive dissonance shown itself so clearly to me. Every movement of my body was involved... One program to counteract another...

This episode has given me a direct and very physical experience of what I knew on a theoretical level, namely that we do live in very different dimensions from each other when we are not in the heart space, in our shared akeneic space. 

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  • Dearset Jasmine, I loved reading this and your profile. This you told about slowing down is what everyone around me always said. But when I did (in my childhood) it all falled apart. My life took a turn to hell on earth. After i desided to do it all in my own pace I reconected with myself.  Oh, I'm side always. What I wanted to ask you is; I often hear myself say  the oposite of what I wanted to say. In my head I say the right word, but something else comes out. Like I told my mother once to go to the water and check if the water is clear. In my head I said; Go to the kitchen and see if the water is pure. We live a couple of miles apart. I have experienced being overtaken by negative spirits in my past, so I know that something is trying to get inside my head. Or am I fooling my self? You see I had a period in 1997-2001 where I was in total contact with my soul. The last two years I've been working with me to get back to where i was. But I do see the need for guidens. OMG I seem to not be able to stop! I'll stop here. Don't want you to think I'm crazy. ;) Please replay. I'd love to hear what you think is going on in my head. P.s I'm diagnosed with ADHD, not on drugs thoguh cause drugs makes me without feelings.  Like I'm dying every day little by little. Meditation is my drug. <3 With love,- Karin.

    • Dearest Karin, first of all: I would never think that you are crazy. Secondly, ADHD is a fabrication of the powers that be so they can keep millions of people medicated and render them into docile slaves. And good on you that you don't take chemical drugs that would mess with you even more, destabilize the chemical balance in your body and make you numb. 

      Regarding your question, I am not in a position to tell you what is going on in your head. You might consider booking a session or a scan with Kwan Yin to find out more. Those sessions and scans will be available in our store in the coming days, but if you are interested, we can already put you on the list. You can also book a session with any of the Rising Way Team to give you some guidance on your path. 

      Please know that having a lot of negative feelings and thoughts is happening to almost everyone. It is part of the great evolutionary shift humanity is currently going through, and the mind is desperately trying to hold on to what it knows and what came before. It does not want you to move forward, and so it creates a space where we allow archetypes to run the show (the victim is very common, to name one) which definitely don't make us feel good and in a loving space.

      Also, when we awaken we often find ourselves in a different vibration and frequency range (literally a different reality) than our loved ones around us that are not on the same trajectory, and then the two worlds just don't match up anymore. To make some sort of sense, the mind creates cognitive dissonance where our perception of events is completely different from someone else's. Sometimes the mind even fabricates a story that did not even happen and makes you believe that that is what you experienced. This conflict within, where your innermost feelings are completely different from your actions, needs to be reconciled by the mind.

      Apart from that there is the constant mind control that is used on every human on the planet through all kinds of technology – which is a whole other topic altogether! 

      So you see, what is going on in your head could have a number of causes and reasons. I am sure that Kwan Yin or any of the other Ascended Master Teachers would be able to give you clarity about that. 

      Know that we are here for you. I am happy that you are reaching out. Sending you waves of love, Jasmine 

  • Thank you for sharing this Jasmine. I think all of us can see ourselves, one way or another, in what you've written. Oh, the mental webs mind can weave! We just keep keep our focus on ascension and keep moving forward! Love to you  

  • I had an experience once walking down the street where I felt like I was in a black and white slow motion movie but as I interacted from my heart space with people during this walk, the whole canvas changed in vibrancy, color, movement, and feeling. For me, it was both an eye opening and heart opening experience. Still, we do have our blind spots  and it takes vigilance and continual practical application of what we know to be true, our eyes on the prize, and support in helping us to see those blind spots and the mental patterning that keeps us out of our heart space and rudely plops us in a black and white movie. Thank you for sharing your experience, dear Jasmine,  It is a reminder to me to go for all the colors!  Love you! 

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