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Standing in my Mer-Ka-Ba

I am practicing the art of standing in my own Mer-Ka-Ba, whilst holding my own vibration, and how to continuously act from this place.

This morning, for the first time, I understood that I had been trying too hard, hence feeling drained. 

My focus had been on the outside too much. I kept looking beyond my Mer-Ka-Ba. I can make it much gentler for myself and will have more of an effect on the whole, if I keep my energy closer to home, to self.

I understand that I was still adding force to the situation by being focused outside too much. Force automatically pulls in resistance. Therefore, I kept bumping into resistance and got drained. 

It is as easy as staying closer to my own field, experiencing this as my reality. This then opens the door for others to feel this and connect from their own volition.Then they are open. 

Wow, I am so happy! I have been smiling ever since I saw this! I can't wait to see what unfolds from here! 

Much love, Amy

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  • ...and the puzzle pieces are rapidly falling into place. The picture finally revealing itself ... Perfect, unique unto You. How Heartfeelingly Wonderful, Amy <3  



  • Feels like you have big smiles at this insight Amy! What you say is true and I have experienced this as well. Again and again, we touch who we really are and only then can we express this ‘on the outside.’ It’s one thing to understand the theory—it’s quite another to practically apply it. Kudos for you! Lots of love! 

  • I enjoyed reading about your experience and insights, dear Amy   We can focus anywhere we want to including the external world we choose to navigate in, How we choose to focus and the vibration we offer makes a big difference. I love your simple solution. Rather than trying to figure it out or solve a problem, you allowed the solution to come to you through your vibration. Problems and solutions have different vibrations. Focusing on our own energy by imagining your experience flowing out of your mer-ka-ba brought it all home (and 'thwarted' those pesky mental fields and thoughts that want to be part of the experience ) Kudos to you and keep on smiling, Sis! 

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