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Stepping Into the Unknown

A question:

How do you feel about doing something totally new? Doing something so new you don’t even have a learned skill set (at least in this lifetime) to apply to it? Doing something that ‘who you have always been’ would never imagine you doing? What I’m describing feels somehow that it’s a ‘more expanded version of you’ doing it?

For anyone who has had this experience, I’d love to hear about it. 

The path of personal ascension feels like this. There are what might be called ‘stages’ in the process. And there are different feelings and experiences along the way.

What I will say is that the process undeniably brings about real and lasting change, (rather than the temporary AHA moments we have all had, those that usually dissipate). 

There is a very strong feeling among us that ‘who we are now’ are beings who have embarked on a path of the unknown. In a good way. Self-expansion is continuously cultivated and the changes in us stay with us. They do not evaporate. And we continue to step into the unknown, over and over again, and continue to expand.

This is by agreement. It’s part of the ascension process.

There is a sense of freedom that simply cannot be compared to the life before the path of ascension. We cultivate this change in ourselves and in one another. And we revel in it!

Yes of course we have our ‘moments’—

And they are usually about us resisting the very thing that would move us forward.

It’s OK—we have each other and ultimately, we ‘get it.’

Just wanted to share with you how this feels—if you’re curious.

Love to read your comments!


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  • Dear Orchid, for many years I have felt that the world we live in IS an illusion. I once had someone tell me that my job here was to teach others about everything in life being an illusion. That confused me at the time. Then I found The Rising Way and I think I starting to see clearly what that person meant. I am truly thinking that the time has come for me to take the BIG STEP.  Where would be the first and best place to begin? You know like which articles are best to read first? I loved the article by Kwan Yin  "How Are You Connected"                                                              Thank you so much!                                                                            Evelyn

  • Dear Orchid, I am ready to step into the unknown in my quest for truth and light.  Please help enlighten me as I struggle sometimes on my path to enlightenment.  There is so little I know, and I feel like I am playing catch-up.  I know I am on a powerful journey in this life, and I do not want to make a misstep.  Please help me to see the light.  Any help you can offer me on my quest for the truth will be appreciated.  God knows I need enlightened friends, but I am unsure who to trust.  Please help guide me.

    Thank you for your assistance,

    Victoria Huffman

    • Hi dear Victoria. It’s wonderful to have you with us! Thank you for being here and for reaching out. Our team’s focus at The Rising Way is personal ascension and there is much information for you to explore as you get to know us better. We are all students and we are all learning. And there’s lots to learn! I have a few suggestions that I hope will be helpful for you as you explore our work and learn more about the personal ascension process. 

      You could check out the team members’ profiles so that you can get to know us. If you like, you could join all the free groups on the upper right corner of the homepage. You could explore the latest releases, our podcasts and videos on the homepage, as well as the Imzaia Archives, especially the Mastering the Grand Illusions series. Then you could look at the team member articles and blogs.This will keep you busy for awhile! Enjoy!

      Much love from all of us to you on your journey and wishing you the happiest of New Years as we all prepare for an exciting and life changing year ahead!

      Big hug,


  • For me, stepping into the unknown always feels like taking a train to nowhere. It is not something that I must do, but I can do. It feels like leaving everything behind and take a chance on life. When I step on the train I just observe and let it be. Whenever I feel the vessel is too full, I need to take a change on life.
    • Thanks so much for sharing dear Cindy! We're learning to navigate these changes  In more and more expansive ways. And after all, change is all there is! Happy to be sharing this path with you! Love, Orchid 

  • It feels to me like " where have I been my whole life". I also find it somewhat difficult, but oh, so worth it.

    • I know the feeling dear Evelyn! And I wouldn't trade one moment of it either! Love, Orchid 

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    • Thank you so much--We have the same feeling dearest Majana! And it also feels that it will be like this as we move forward on the path of personal ascension --we will 'look back' on what we're experiencing now and smile......

    • Well said Majana.... I am slowly moving out of my hiding space as well...  ;)

    • It's wonderful to be in contact with you here, dear Majana and dear Patricia... Let's journey and rise high, let's reach for the stars, inside and out! Love, Kwan Yin

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