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The Ascending Particle

Sometimes, all of a sudden a few sentences make all the difference, even if you have heard them many times before. They click in with many others pearls of truth you know and then it becomes practical and a huge support on the path of ascension or in life in general. 

“Seek within yourself for what you could call the ascending particle, the ascending self, the top life that is within you, that gives you the push, the natural flow that is required for you to step forward onto your path ... right now,”  –  Kwan Yin 

We know that we are the center of our universe, the center of our very own MerKaBa. We have been told that the world is not real but merely a projection on our MerKaBa screen - about 1,5 meters around us. It gets projected through our very own translation, our very own perspective of reality. As you will also know, our perspective of anything changes when we choose to look at things from a different angle. 

Then there is the law of attraction which tells us that reality matches up with our vibration. Let’s not forget about the fact that time is not real, everything plays out now, and there are many different dimensions or realities, all of which play out the many different choices that we could make. This means that the reality in which everything flows with our highest potentials, the one in which we courageously step forward on our path is happening already. We just have to line up with the one of our choice. 

Combining all this surely puts the responsibility of what we see around us very much in our own hands. If what we see around us does not make our heart sing abundantly, it is time to remember our ascending particle, our ascending self, and to translate reality through his/her eyes. The Ascended Teachers have often said that all it takes to change our reality is just a slight step to the right or left and looking at all of the above, and remembering that energy tends to raise itself naturally, it makes all the sense in the world to express our inner attributes of love, joy, freedom truth and life and to sparkle through life, touching the hearts around us and to spiral up into the dimension we love the most. That simple. Enjoy! 

Much love, Amy 

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