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  • Hi Kwan Yin Hemp food and clothing, sounds really good count me in.Here in the US, Rick Simpson has a hemp and cannabis foundation spokane medical clinic in oregon .Love  Joyce

  • I don't know this Peter, but i have big balconies ......huummm ...who knows, maybe i will make some Hempcookies to eat with kuthumi         

    •  I'm sure Kuthumi will *LOVE* that idea, dear Lina! I'll pass it on  Or even better, some of the other Ascended Master Teachers have asked me to create *real* profiles for them, here, on the AscendoSphere, so that they can interact with everyone here directly... so perhaps you can let him know yourself soon!!  Love ya! KY 

    • YES, Darling Kwan Yin, Go ahead with these *real* profiles ... I am sure that We will make great parties .... i will bring hemppancakes and hempdeserve and lots of hempbear ... and lots of hempwine (to Adamus, of course). 

      I miss THEM so much

      I Love You Sweety.

    • Dearest Lina, your beautfiul innocent Heart is like a Radiant Sun.

      You make my Heart Smile irresistably


  • So cool to have Luke appear in Portugal! Yes Jasmine, I also am looking forward to hear how they're doing and hoping to hear that they're expanding! Love 

  • Nice little video! It'll be interesting to follow the developments of the hemp industry here in Portugal! 

    Much love, Jasmine 

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