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Dear Consciousness Pioneer,

For those amongst our readership that are taking part in Kwan Yin's The Solar Activations webinar, this article will be more than serendipitous and should definitely register on the scale of synchronicity.

But above all, it should remind us of our cosmic, solar aspects and how we are working together to expand ourselves out of limitation, belief systems, mental reality and into tonal celebration and, ultimately, ascension!

On January 20, a five bright planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn - will align in the sky, visible to the naked eye. They will form a direct line from the horizon to Earth's moon.

Quite intriguing all this... especially in light of what the Sun and Venus have discussed during their lectures as part of The Solar Activations webinar!

Wonder what Jupiter will have to say about this tomorrow, during episode 4 at 7pm GMT!

To read the article in "Australian Geographic", click this link.

For tickets to The Solar Activations, to watch previous episodes and take part in future live episodes, visit this link.

Hope to see you there!


the AscendoSphere crew

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