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This Great Cosmic Liner

Since we have created this spot on the forum to share our experiences... Here I go.

Today and yesterday have been, and continue to be, a wonderful experience for me, and I am pretty certain the rest of the team feels the same.

Opening this Subscriber Area up to you all, and starting to see you arrive, one by one, creates within my akene the inner space where I have just stepped on board this great Cosmic Liner, this Cosmic Cruise Ship.

Standing in the Lounge & Welcome Area, I see so many happy, thrilled and excited faces, looking around at one another, recognising one another, sometimes not having seen one another for lifetimes. And now we're here, together, ready to lift off on this grand adventure of ascension.

I must admit, this inner space within my heart kakra, my akene, glows white hot with creative passion. It is a space that seeks manifestation, which feels beyond wonderful.

Everyone I see is holding a golden ticket in their hands, the very same ticket they have always held, one that has always been there. It is heart shaped and it is the shape of the heart of All Things. It is the ticket to ride. We've always had it, all of us, we just got so caught up that we forgot the simplicity of it all.

I can feel and see the faces of all of those that are yet to step on board, as we embark, some here, some there, many from unexpected places, but always carrying with that that vibration of instant recognition, instant attraction, instant knowing... of why we are here, that we have finally arrived together, and of where we are going.

I couldn't imagine a happier place within myself.
How simple it all really is, amazes me sometimes.

Thank you for being there with me.

Kwan Yin

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  • I do feel great happiness!   

  • Thank you, Kwan Yin, for your continued love and guidance and for so poignantly expressing the feelings any words I might offer would pale by comparison, We are all on a journey to make the unknown known, as family, to finally realize that there is no separation and that not only is ascension possible, it is real, it is practical, and is the calling of every soul.To walk this path with each other feels beyond wonderful! To the most graceful and perfect lift off and flight ever! 

    • See you on the Beaches of Honomeia, dear Amber.

      I'm buying the Mai Tai's this time 

  • I couldn't agree more, Kwan Yin! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that this is where we meet again to manifest together what we came here to do. We are soul family. I feel very honored to share this space with all of you and look forward to dive deep into uncharted territory together. This is a magical, safe hub to go where we haven't dared to venture before. To grand creations and rising life! 

  • Thank you for being here with us, Kwan Yin! I too feel a great sense of excitement and also anticipation as I ‘take in’ as much as I'm able, what we are stepping into. In one way, it feels very much stepping into the unknown and at the same time, all of us connecting here feels in a way like a family reunion. I’m thrilled for all of us to be together in this safe space where we can speak together in depth about the things that matter the most to us. To create an environment that gives us all the opportunity to blossom. I’m very happy and grateful to be part of our beautiful creation!


    • Yes, it feels as though we have definitely --all of us together-- created a virtual, cosmic portal for our shared Mer-Ka-Va to lift off through, onward to its inter dimensional, sovereign domains to be created and explored! 

  • Thank you Kwan Yin for putting this feeling into words. It is so magical to all come together in this beautiful ascension space. A celebration of recognition!

    I am incredibly happy to be here with everyone and to see and especially feel the expansion we are creating together.

    Much love to you and all

    • I feel the same way, and I'm sure we all do. 

      Also, sitting here today while I am going through the hundreds of hours of content that we are about to upload feels absolutely brilliant. I have collected most of it today and it's over 250 Gigabytes worth of uploads!  So I'll be doing that for a while, but I can't think of anything more worthwhile and wonderful to do! Namaste to all. 

    • Yes, I know! Tons of incredible information. I cherish each and every bit of it.  My heart sings, knowing that all this will be shared here with our subscribers. Thank you, Kwan Yin 

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