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Two Weeks of Study

To me it seems like a lot more than 15 days have gone by since I joined The Rising Way. The amount of information contained on this website and what revelations it brings seems to outstrip all my personal searching by leagues. To say I have hoped for such a place as this all my life is an understatement. I have always been on the journey of ascension in one way or another, though plodding along at a rather snail's pace. Or at least it seems to me now,after all that I've  gathered here in two weeks. I know in my heart, that what came before was a solid foundation to my life to help me build upon it with love.

I have spent much time connecting to Gaia and the people of New England through my work as a concrete form carpenter. I actually helped to build foundations for many buildings (around 300 I'd estimate) over the years, and understand from personal experience, solid ground to build upon is everything. It has not been an easy life, but it has proven to me my character and depth of willpower and determination. I am a simple man, from simple people who wanted nothing more than to be farmers. Both were very spiritual people, raised Christian, and journeying into the New Age with open hearts grounded solidly in love and the principles of Jesus' teachings.

I had a sort of awakening after high school, when I moved out into the world on my own. I read the book "Conversations with God" and my perspective on life was drastically changed. I learned Cogitative Behavioral Therapy or mindfulness practices, and learned to watch what I think and live life from my heart. On from there I bounced around New England with not much of a direction. Nothing ever seemed to catch my attention or interest. I continued to study and learn through the people I met and the resources available to me online.  I find it a bit strange now, that in all that time, the flower of life geometry was never something I was aware of before this website. In a way, it helps to reconfirm how much I have grown and that dimensions are simply higher levels of vibrating. 

Up until 3 years ago, I had no romance of any sort in my life. I'm sure that was a big part of keeping my energy down. I have so much love to give, and not a soul to share it with, until I met my  partner. In that short time, having some one with a good heart has meant everything, and I'm seeing how much more so after two weeks of intense learning and meditation. I consider myself an emotional empath, though I never understood this about myself until much later in my life. In reality it simply translates that I am very aware always of how others around me feel. As such I have lived by the golden rule all my life simply by necessity. There emotional pain and personal dramas often would overshadow my own, and constantly found myself pulled into the orbits of other strong personalities.

Interestingly, those I took the deepest friendships with me in high school where people with a negative (selfish) lifestyle but very advanced mentally. We would balance each other out, and drive each other.  Enlightenment found me in many sources as I have always kept an open mind, realizing that everything I encounter has something to help me grow and expand. I have never questioned this, and it has done much to help me navigate my often troublesome course in life. Recently the friendships have all been served almost completely clean. I remain, but for my partner well liked by many but mainly alone. I have no problem with this, as I have learned to value my own company as much as I do others, and so always manage to keep myself entertained, if not exactly motivated.

Fast forward down a long and winding road up until two months ago. I had some very interesting events take place in my life. Some would  call them serendipity, but I know better. I learned of the Hidden Hand material on the Above Top Secret Website from a facebook friend I didn't  know all that well. In this material I learned some very interesting possible answers about many deep questions I had long held about "Lucifer" and the nature of his/her game. It set off in me what I have begun to term as a schism, where a vast amount of new knowledge and ideas started to flow through my mind, many of which seemed to be raising my vibration WAY past my partner, who is a loving person to the extreme but never spiritual. I worried about this and had no one to contact. I began to realize the bigger picture around me and it was frightening. I didn't know what to do, and so I simply sent out the need from me into the universe and held on with hope and faith. 

In the mean time, life became much more difficult for me to manage, and seemed to go from bad to worse. So bad in fact, I was contemplating exiting reality prematurely simply to avoid the long hard road of pain and suffering ahead I could figure no way to avoid. Life seemed completely out of my hands, my raft rudderless in white water. And then Ascendosphere showed up.

Eagerly I dove into the material. I even remember the first video I watched, The Principles of Love part 1. The topics discussed were right where I was at, it astounded me. I'd never heard anyone talk to these things in such a way. More over, Mathias coming through had tone and inflection in his voice that reminded me very strongly of both John Lenin and Bruce Lee. Strange perhaps, but both had been spiritual guides to me all my life. It wasn't until I heard Mathias that I realized this. I'd always wondered who my spirit guides were, but never assumed they would be people so famous, I just thought I liked them as people. So it goes, as Vonnegut would say. So many powerful questions where answered for me in that one recording, on a mental and emotional level.

After that I was hooked. In these two weeks I've watched at least one new video a day. I can't wait to hear more, to find out more wonders of the universe. So many new and interesting concepts I'd only had glimpses and hints of in my study  before hand. The flower of Life geometry, imzaia, merkaba, merkava, tonal space, all these things are new to me. So much to digest, or as Micheal Valentine Smith so aptly puts it, to grok. And so I expand my inner universe. Realizing, I've known everything all  along, and just never had the right perspective. Each day I have new revelations and new experiences with each work I integrate into myself. Signs, feelings, emotions, miracles, continue to happen to me on a daily basis. And deeper into love I delve. More complete and focused do I become. So eager am I to continue. To learn my true depth and breath.

Once complete, to emerge, to flower and come forth that which I have long known I contained but had no means to express, to become, but now I am boundlessly hopeful with Kwan Yin's guidance and assistance. Every day is a new adventure.

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  • Welcome dear brother!!! This is an amazing place, isn't it? ♡♡♡♡ Good to see u home!
  • Dearest Patrick,

    It is not just what you express here that touches my heart, it is as well the fluidity, the quality of the words and expressions you choose to share your beautiful path with us. 

    There are so many ways to step on the Ascension path. Yours is clear and transparent. Honesty is a must. I can feel it is what you go for. Thank you for that and for much more than that.

    Love is the fuel of the MerkaVa. Let's infuse Love and joy in each particles of our self! 

    I AM honoured to be close to your Presence.



  • thank you so very much dearest Patrick for this sharing! You really are a precious gift to all of us and I really mean this. Your beautiful heart is so open, the active ingredients are sure flowing through the pipeline, (Love, Joy, Freedom, Truth, and Life) and it is an real honor to share this ascension journey with you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you and so much love to you! Can't wait for our next steps together!! Namaste 

  • Wow, Patrick, thank you for sharing your experience with all of us!  I look forward to reading more and to sharing this grand ascension adventure with you and with all of us. We are all in this together: always 'have been', 'always are', and always 'will be'. I 'grok' you and am honoured by your Presence, inspired and uplifted by your passion and joy of discovery and adventure. Love you dearly! 


  • You're a pearl <3  Thank you for this, and thank you for being here! 

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