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A Talk with Leysola... video

I was looking for a place to comment on the latest video of a talk with Leysola. This looks like a good place.

After listening to that video ...

Amazing, incredible, clap, clap, clap ! OMG, just mind blowing. I loved it so much. That one was for me, thank you so very much for putting it up.

Huge hugs to the world, it was so me in that talk !

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  • Dear Mat,

    Wow, what an incredibly precious sharing. You touched me very deep as well. Thank you for being so beautiful and sharing your heart with us!

    Love, Amy

  • This recording is such a fantastic reminder. I've known this to various degrees throughout my life with varying conviction. Right now today it helps alot in explaining and reminding me of a certain why question.

    I've gone through so much, experienced so much, realised so many truths, have come to so many profound realisations and epiphanies that I sometimes ask myself Why ? Why am I still here, why do I still suffer. I'm so tired of this game, why am I not done with it already ? Why am I not enlightened yet or something like that ?

    When reminded with such a beautiful message like the talk with Leysola my inner squirming is relaxed and replaced with compassion because I remember that I'm not here just to get out of here. I came here for a reason. That reason was an act of compassion and an offering and somewhat of a temporary sacrifice. I remember why I'm still here and why I haven't moved on yet. Like many I heard the calling and being the nature of what I was I could not not help.

    It answers all the whys, all the whys of why did I have to suffer, why did I have to go through this or that, why would I ever choose such things, and why would I ever put myself in such places of desperation and darkness. It was all ultimately an act of compassion. Compassion for all the souls trapped in this reality that were calling out for help.

    I came in to help heal the world. I had to first embody the archetypes of various forms of sufferings so that I could then transcend them. I continue to remain in a relatively low light so that I may be on a close enough plane of existence in order to connect to certain people. People that I have chosen to be of service to. Often I've felt that I had been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. It felt like I was part of a little group of people hiking up a mountain. At various points along the path I would have to take on other's baggage temporarily in order to help them continue. I've felt like I had to play the role of the leader up front making a path and pulling others behind me. A way shower of sorts I suppose.

    You may think like that that it sounds glorious but it is not. There is very little recognition and quite often it's the opposite. I'm accused of everything in the book. Just being who I am it provokes changes in others and change is often met with resistance.

    Remembering why I'm here and why I'm not moving on just yet, remembering my purpose fills me with compassion for myself and for everyone around me and I can relax knowing that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be doing exactly what I choose to do. It gives me peace and the strength to dive even more deeply into the role I'm to play, and I no longer perceive from the perspective of lack but of abundance, compassion and finally some excitement about being here.

    I think that remembering the why of why we are here is so empowering. It allows me to stop resisting and instead embrace. This is what this recording has reminded me of in such a beautiful way.

    • Wow, thanks for those precious words. I'm not accustomed to using what I would call flowery words, I don't feel there are many opportunities to use them, but here it is full of them and they feel authentic.

      You really touched me, thank-you.

      The way I speak here is the only way I know how to write, If I don't speak my mind then nothings comes out.

      The majority of the time I do not express myself completely because of that effect of casting a shadow on others that brings out their need to assert themselves when confronted with my presence.

      I've also gotten that impression at times that my role is just to be me, or to be me expressed outwardly. I guess a part of me is still weary of attacks. It's like a shy young child peaking around the corner wall when guests have arrived trying to see if its safe to come out and interact a little. I haven't found many safe places to come out and play. I never know how I'm going to be received.

      I have a lot to say and share. I'm more of a story teller then a live interacter. However when I start writing a lot of wisdom comes through and I've noticed that it's either well received or seen as a threat. So often I tip toe around trying not to be too disruptive.

      Shalalea, your presences feels oddly familiar... strange, but in a good way. I see that question mark popping up in my head saying huh ? Thank-you for your words, you too your words seem to have a lot of impact, rarely do I get touched like you did where you seem to hit the bulls-eye.

      Hugs and kisses,

      P.S. This space is feeling a little dreamy like some crazy deja-vu, or some optimal outcome fantasy reality tangent that is fading into the foreground, if that makes any sense at all !

    • Yes, it helps and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, thanks again for you speaking from you heart.

    • Really dear Mathieu, I don't quite have the words to tell you how moving it is to read what you have written here! You so much feel like family. You speak the truth of the heart. Your message is a precious one. And speaks to the core of who we all are. And why we are here. This topic will be addressed in detail in upcoming recordings. And any questions you have, send them in if you'd like and we'll answer them on the air. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence here. With much love for you, Orchid 

  • Are you on Skype, dear Mathieu? I just want you to know, in case you don't, that we have a lovely and active Skype group of AscendoSphere consciousness pioneers, if ever you'd like to join. My Skype handle is "ascendosphere" and if you like, you can connect with me on there and I'll add you to the group.

    Lots of hugs!!

    • Awesome, I will do that, thank you.

    • Super!! I look forward to it!  Namaste dear Brother of my Soul! 

  • Wow, beautifully said dear Mathieu! Could not agree more. Wasn't a dry eye here when we all listened to it. Moving, precious, heart-opening......just a few words to even try to describe the feelings......It seemed to touch everyone who heard it deeply. So happy that it means so much to you. Thank you for your presence here and I look forward to speaking with you sometime soon! With much love, Orchid 

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