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In the latest Hangout you have spoken about the truth of reality and about how we create reality, either on our own or with others, with whom we share this reality. What a topic, I am sure we could chat about this for hours and hours.

Could you share some more about how this works when you are in a reality bubble with beings who are not aware of the fact that they create their own reality?

And is it true that the fact that there are even people around one who are not aware of this says something about their own mindset, like your examples of hunger and war?

Thank you very much.

Love, Amy

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  • Amy - when you radiate your energy, you create your vibration into matter --- eg nature would be responding rapidly to your radiation, people and events would be less recognizable, and you would create them by polarization, caused by your mental opinions.

    Your radiation is a mix of mind and heart, and quantum .... whatever has most of your total attention, is what you see in the world - old mixtures are always present when they are not neutralized, neutralization is about purity, real inside purity .... and harmonization of all parts within, where self-love of the parts that others do not like about you, ARE accepted (that is for me, real self-love).

    Other beings are always from within your consciousness, eg, my response comes from your consciousness, you will read what comes from you (I am only an energy signature at this moment for you). There is NO outside but the one that you create, or allow.

    Others that are not aware of creating reality still coexist with you within their own bubble and something between you and them makes you see eachother, some polarity energy (you prefer only angels, then you would see a devil) - why ? because if you only like angels, you MUST see the polarity appear, because you activate both at the same time (polarized world). Neutrality has to do with not having a mental opinion, but being in state of observing -- after a while of keeping the center, you will progress to another level, where you have more harmony, less polarity.

    Others that speak from their 'lower' consciousness (like about hunger and war), are fractions of you. You made them based on the thought that you 'will help others' - so you create those that want to be helped, or have an older opinion than yours and this gives YOU the sense that you are needed. So, deal with your emotional body that still needs others to feel useful. Self-love : be soft on those old parts, and let them be, so they can be transmuted to their rightful real energy : love. This cannot be faked or only talked about, there is an energy action that needs to take place within the self.

    Is it possible to live in another kind of world where people speak about things that are more aligned ? I believe it is possible to live in such frequency on our version of the New Earth. It has to do with flow, with being able to be less serious, more playful and laughing, with taking drama less serious, by dancing the flow, by staying centered at all times and to solve the problems inside, and find the master inside. 


  • Hi dear Amy,

    thank you for your question! As you might notice, I've moved it from the Premium Forum to the Study Forum (for Basic Subscribers also) because it concerned a topic we discussed during the Ascension Hangout of July 25.

    Looking forward to answering it!

    Sending much Love,
    Kwan Yin

    • Hello dear Kwan Yin.

      Thank you, I am obviously also still figuring things out. I very much look forward to your answer.

      Lots of love ❤
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