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Excellent information session by Ekara - I am sitting in the aftermath of what has been explained here, and as always, my scientific part loves to understand the energetic engineering of the changes which occurred within on a personal level.

Many pieces of this information session were confirming my own understanding, however Ekara's sharing is confirming things in a tangible way. I divert myself a bit on the 'timeline frame' that has been put forward where the mind collapses into the ISH field --- in this video Ekara speaks of 2011 and 2012 - for me, this might have happened into that frame work, yet perhaps stayed dormant - I feel for me the collapse has really showed its expression in 2016 .... 

The stability field that is now generated whilst encountering other people, instead of the chaos of polarity kind, is something that I have right now too. Stability energy is very present in all interactions, and it makes everything so pleasant. Some old energy conversations that I encounter, which try to move the polarity into negativity, just cannot destabilize the energy that is being radiated, and that is a great gift to have in life in this world. Stability energy is actually an amazing place to be in. It has more than just a stabilizing effect, it allows energy to expand strongly (as it does not breakdown by negativity anymore), and in turn gives also tangible physical restoration, clarity, etc.

The return to the light body, replacing the dominant physical program is also showing itself in many special ways : when you do any physical activity, the body reacts differently to it : you keep the energy much better (you do not get tired anymore), you are clear in your head and think much less, you have more feeling imagery than mental imagery, you feel the activity of heart communication, people around like what you are about, without knowing why, people feel at ease when they are with you, there is respect.

As the human is moving into a tonality experience, energy is the foundation of life. I understand that we move(d) from a gravitational reality (gaia magnetics) into the 'I AM reality' (coreheart magnetics) and that we are now untied from the matrix field, as it has broken down. Freedom ! We are musicians of our own life. I really like the explanation that matching tones find each other, and this will reflect in the material world as the stuff that finds you, people that find you, colors and natural elements that find you, based on your own radiation and expression. The I AM gravity makes its way into life experiences. From my personal point of view this is indeed happening. It is cool !! :)

Those little items are day to day effects of what has been told in the information. This is a very good and clear explanation of a really important transition. 

Grateful to have found and 'received' this gem by gravitational law of I AM. Surely much more will follow and my scientific/engineering energy is pleased, my emotional body is at ease, and my physical is flowing it all out into my world. Sharing ! This is good.

With appreciation that words cannot convey, but the heart does -- merci beaucoup :) I am looking for more of those flowers in this amazing garden.



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  • Hi dear Komaya, thank you very much for sharing your experiences with Ekara's powerful lecture. And yes, the timelessness of the Ascended Teachings is something - like Orchid said - we've noticed ourselves many times. Every teaching we revisit, or maybe even hear for the first time supposedly years after the recording, is always relevant for the now moment we find ourselves in, regardless the linear dates of a certain lecture. And no matter how often we go back to a certain lecture, there are always more gems to be discovered, more insights to be gained. - It's so grand to be on this journey together! Much love, Jasmine 

    • Thanks Jasmine - it is so, indeed -- it is all about magnetics from the core-self, as it is summoned. Much strength to you, in your journey for discoveries too. Keep well. K

  • Hi dear Komaya. Thanks so much for sharing this. It's such a powerful lecture, with information shared on so many topics vital to understanding the ascension process and some of the fundamentals. Many of us have listened to it multiple times. One of the things you speak of is having something shared re. specific dates which feels like it's actually happening now, for example. Have experienced this myself and other students here have as well. There is a feeling of cycles, a feeling of 'coming back around to experience something again.' Fascinating, brilliant journey we're on! Thank you for your presence here and I so look forward, with much gratitude, to the brilliant teachings ahead for all of us! Love, Orchid 

    • Hello Orchid - good to hear you, as you are back from your little unease a week ago -- okay, yes, the lectures are indeed summoned as per the core-wish from the experiencing human... in due time the right information is sought/received. I was looking exactly for this one, and by the 'power of I AM' (sounds great huh), it has been given. I am just one of those that love the 'understanding' way of expansion .... super. Have a great day full of beauty ! and many great days thereafter -- see ya ! Komaya

  • Dear Komaya,

    Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully! It is lovely how you blend the teaching and your own experiences together. A joy to read and an inspiration to revisit the teaching. Enjoy your further exploration of this infinite garden. 

    Much love to you,

    • And so much more to discover ! :) 

  • Thank you for sharing this experience, dear Komaya!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading it... And, as it nestled itself deep inside my heart, I am going to explore it and will get back with a further comment later. Such is the wonderful world of the Akene... Feeling humanity blessed.

    Love always,
    Kwan Yin

    • ...and now getting ready for a little stroll in the most amazing garden of the universe,
      the akene-garden :)

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