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From previous Kwan Yin & Ascended Life broadcasts/videos I have been motivated to work with the  3rd eye/heart/navel energy centers using the infinity symbol in them, in meditation and when painting.

My 3rd eye and heart are activated to a degree from being an Artist, but I am aware I need to be more grounded and in my body so a few spiritual practices have given me some insight but I need to learn how to activate the navel center more.

When I was in my belly center fully a week ago there was a rewiring; an expansion, a sense of creating your own life force energy. I could ground and move into my heart in a more compassionate way with the sense of the laughing Buddha as there was grace and ease.

Now I am wondering how to enter into this state of consciousness again as a new way of being.

Do these centers rotate in a certain direction - or is that the old chakra paradigm?

In the experience I wrote about, there was expansion and rewiring by no chakra vortex rotation.

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