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Hi there,

I am exploring the Akenet and the resulting network, the Akenet. Why ? Just because it is of interest to me. Years of studying the Human Mind System (as it is called by the Wingmakers) have left me turning and tossing around in my bed at night. There is nowhere to go with the HMS and one keeps on turning, going up or down following the whims of the world and the influences of the mindgrid. Hardly a place to expand yourself in, and the only way to do that is the limited way of illusionary expansion, where you might perhaps find yourself to be a master of some sort, but you are always separate from something. There is nothing that I found to be whole and total, until I was told about the Akeneic Communication by Jeshua (channeled energy) in 2007. As per my personal experience, the AKENE is a REAL thing. It is a puzzling thing for the persona, because it does not use the normal senses to communicate. I am repeating some old teachings here, I know. 

The Akene (natural heart, Lemurian heart) has this total way of receiving and sending. It transpires through the senses. It allows energy signatures to flow through and you get more than the image of another, you get his/her timeless essence. This means that you always communicate with the total presence of another. And then also even a timeless energy, one that is young (although the personality could be 60+, which is a fabric of the HMS), one that is healthy (although the persona could have Alzheimer), you get the emotional state, untainted and honest, and you get on top of all that 'the message'. The persona (me) gets the message instantly and something inside me (my own Akeneic center) responds at once. It seems to happen out of the persona control. I believe it does.

When you have a good relationship with someone, even someone that does not know the Akene as a concept, the Akeneic communication flows too. So, regardless of the persona and his mental red flags, you get to the other and send continuous full-essential messages. 

I have been reading a book by Pearsall, the Heart Code. Basically when you have a heart transplant, you get some of the personality attributes of the donator. You suddenly have skills that were not previously there. I was wondering how much of this is really Akeneic.

There is a time where I was told that my Akene was activated (by the channeled entity Adamus), yet I never felt different after that message. So I had to find out what this all had to do with me. I now believe my Akene was never de-activated, but I had forgotten its silent activity. I remember that trees where communicating with me as a child. Awesome and kind beings, those trees, funny too.

I remember I knew people's ideas and their real emotional states, I thought many were not saying what they really felt. I remember this, and I have it back. My totality perception is being restored as my heart is in 'unity mode' right now. Hence, I express no 'mushi mushi' attitude (trying to please another) but I choose a strong and dedicated outgoing energy, which allows me to honestly be onboard here, where the Akene is a topic of the community. 

I have more to tell, later, because it is just so interesting :). Btw, is there anyone listening in on this communication ? Sending through the Akenet right now too. I am curious to see the responses and perhaps some own experiences from others ? Akene-me ! Komaya

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  • Hi, dear Komaya  Thank for your sharing; The Akene and the Akenet are great topics! I got it thru the Akenet (as when we first connected and I did not know who your 'persona' is but instantly felt and enjoyed the Akeneic connection ) as I have enjoyed reading your words and heart here! I look forward to receiving, reading, and experiencing more!

    Love, Amber

    • glory !! great that you are present, and alive - that is what the heart connections always show : aliveness, beyond all illusions.... more to read :) let's use and 'abuse' its power and love :) ;) winks -- Komaya

  • Apparently there is not so much interaction here on the akenet topic ? but then again, the moment this got online, I could feel energies flowing in the heart space - much of those energies felt like 'worry' -- don't know - will get to this later --

    • Hi dear Komaya, thank you for the forum entry. I haven't gotten round to physically reading it yet, because we are in the middle of launching a new version of this website, AscendoSphere 2.0 if you will. That's probably why this topic has been very quiet, people are getting ready for the new expanded version of this platform... and perhaps also the expanded Akene ;-)

    • Hi Kwan, I did not mean my last message to be a 'push' of any kind - sorry if this could be read as such - I was merely talking to myself and trying to get a feel of this community - like testing the waters so to speak :)

      And yes, expanding the site is expanding the self (or vice versa) - all the new elements are to be incorporated to support the new insights and energies - it is a play of getting the geometries right, working, flowing and interacting - nice :) let's see what the new flower smells like, looks like and how it grows its leaves to the world ;) I am sure it is going to be a huge gem 

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