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Dear Merkaia, Gaia and Ascended Life,

With the Flower of Life geometry returning to Earth, along with other cosmic and planetary ascension changes in process and still to come through the rest of the year, after which as I understand it, we will all move into a 3 year planetary renewal starting in 2016, I am wondering how life forms other than humans, most specifically animal and plant life, will be affected. We have been told in The Higher Soul, an Imzaia Classic,l by Abraham and Bashar that all life has already moved up a notch -- for example, plants becoming more animal like and animals becoming more human like. Can we assume that this process will continue to unfold and how will that likely play out? I can see some changes already in animals but am having a hard time wrapping my head around how much they will change and what it will be like to inter-create reality with our plant and animal friends!

Can you talk about the changes we can expect to see, generally, and how the Flower of Life geometry will be specifically activated by and for plants and animals and other life forms? How will the "New Earth reality creation mechanics" change for plants and animals, or perhaps said another way, how will the way they create and experience their reality change? What can we do to help them if needed?

Will plants and animals who work with a group consciousness now, or as another example,  a herd or pack mentality with "alpha" beings and hierarchies still operate that way? Will there still be a need for plant and animal defense and protection mechanisms or adaptations of nature? Will the lion really lie down with the lamb?

Also, will our plant and animal kingdoms go through any "clash of systems" as the matrix/control system crumbles and the old is replaced by the new?

Thank you for whatever you can say about this!

With love,


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