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Hello Beautiful Risers,

From a golden and sunny Algarve, where Lemuria is rising, we greet you on this magical day!

Perhaps you have not visited the AscendoSphere for a couple of days, and as such you might have missed the release of a 4-part preview series that we have recorded on December 8 & 9 as we traveled to some of the most exquisite, beautiful and energetically powerful spots in the Algarve, Portugal.

As you know, for many years now, the fabled isle of Lemuria has been mostly identified as having existed in the Pacific Ocean anywhere between 50.000 to 20.000 years ago, while the isle of Atlantis has always been connected to the Atlantic Ocean. While this may be so as a general truth, what is often forgotten is that both Lemuria and Atlantis - at the peak of their respected civilisations - had "outposts" or "colonies" all over planet Earth.

For both civilisations, the most important outpost, often forgotten even by esoteric historians, used to exist right off the South-Western area of Portugal, known as the Algarve.

In fact, a "peninsula" of about 500 by 400 kilometres, which sank about 11.000 years ago (in this current linear timeline) existed as not only a celebrated isle of Lemuria where the highest levels of art, metaphysics & ascension used to be practiced... but what made this particular island unique is the fact that in Lemuria's last 2222 years of existence, a peaceful co-creation was established with Atlantis, right on this spot. It is the only place on Earth where Lemuria & Atlantis co-existed peacefully - and in a very empowering way.

It is on the isle of Hono Lena'i'ja (which translates out of Lemurian as "point of home") where the cutting edge of Lemurian society & philosophy came together with the consciousness pioneers of the early Atlantis in order to form a society of ascension explorers. Interestingly, the word "Lena" exists in both the Lemurian & Atlantean languages, where, depending on the time of usage, it would translate as "cathedral" (as an energy reference, not a building) or "central point" or "vortex/portal".

Obviously, there is much, much more to share about this important time in inter dimensional history... especially now that the isle of Hono Lena'i'ja is returning to Earth!

In the coming six months, starting in January 2015, the timeline that you are currently on is going to intersect with a fluid, non-linear timeline as the control system that has dominated this Earth in its matrix web (artificially closing down dimensions from consciousness) is falling away. As this current, 3-dimensional linear timeline will merge with the timeless, fluid tonal universe of Hono Lena'i'ja, the fabled island will return, Gaia's inter dimensional portals will reawaken... and so will the magical creator that you truly are...

...and that is just the beginning!

Come and join the Ascended Master Teachers together with the Rising Way team and myself, Kwan Yin, as we explore three of the many power points in the Algarve that connect directly to not only Hono Lena'i'ja but also the fluid timeline that is about to emerge from these spaces.

We have created a special set of preview videos with the same title as our upcoming 2015 events - LEMURIA RISING - especially for you. For your convenience, each video is about 10 to 12 minutes long and allows you to join your energy with ours as you - from a first hand perspective - travel with us to Sagres (video 1 & 2), Praia da Luz (video 3) and Praia da Rocha (video 4) where I talk to you about the energetics of these locations, what they used to be, and what they are about to become once again.

Gaia is asking for your direct assistance - on all levels of potentials and possibilities - in the next couple of years, as we leave the old ways of the control system behind and step into the promise of a new Earth, Lemurian/Atlantean dawn.

and select the "Lemuria Rising" tab to watch these four videos

As we prepare for the feminine principle to return to planet Earth and to your Akene - your Heart Space connection to All Things Life - The Rising Way intends to release a series of webinars in 2015, focused entirely on Lemuria Rising, to be followed up by in person, life-changing events, both in the Algarve & world-wide.

The first video set of recordings, which will be released in the form of a streaming webinar, will be an 8-hour long video series, with the following chapters:

1) An introduction by Kwan Yin - The Feminine Principle
2) All You Ever Wanted to Know About Lemuria But Were Afraid to Ask - by Ekara
3) Geometry, the Flower of Life and Cosmic Connections - by Gaia
4) Now what, Control System? - by Adamus Saint-Germain
5) The Opening Up of Ascension - by Lao Tze
6) In-depth Q&A session with the Ascended Master Teachers

You will receive further info about this webinar once it is ready for streaming!

We Be-Love in You...

Kwan Yin, the Ascended Master Teachers
and the Rising Way team

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  • Even though I've been part of the unfoldments for more than 5 years now, it still blows me away just feeling what is about to happen right here, right now... I am elated beyond words. We are here to assist Gaia to reawaken the Flower of Life grid, and you, too can have an active part in that! We really find ourselves at the threshold of New Earth – or rather Lemuria Rising. We do live in magical times! 

    Thank you so much for this wonderful message, dear Kwan Yin and Co! I'm positive that it won't leave any Lemurian heart untouched! All my love, Jasmine 

  • With the recent information presented by Ascended Life regarding, among other things, the Flower of Life grid and our relationship with Lemuria and Atlantis, it’s clear that we at a pivotal point in our evolution. The quiet flame we have all kept alive in our hearts for a very long time can now burn brightly as we answer the call of Gaia and assist her, Kwan Yin, and all of our Ascended Teachers as we become masters of reality creation. This very moment is the moment we have all been waiting for. Will you join us? Love, Orchid 

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