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I'm filled with joy that I have this opportunity to let you know that the finale of the MGI Series, episodes 13 & 14, are now part of the Imzaia Classics series of our free video selection.

You can find episode 13, by Ekara, and episode 14, by Adamus Saint-Germain, on the AscendoSphere main page's video player, by selecting our Imzaia Classics collection.

This area of the Study Forum has been opened to provide the opportunity to discuss, explore & share insights about these final episodes of the Mastering the Grand Illusions series. Your questions about the topics shared in these episodes are also welcome.

Following the MGI series, the Imzaia Classics will continue with "The Secret Tapes" series, which is based on extra footage that was recorded during the multiple seminars that together created the MGI Series. Many extra insights are shared in these "Secret Tapes" series that I am certain will assist your deepening understanding of your very own mastery of the Grand Illusions.


Kwan Yin

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