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Merkaia Q&A coming up: ask your questions

Hello Risers,

It seems that many have not been left untouched by Merkaia's (aka "the essence of The Flower of Life") lecture, "The Flower of Life Awakens", which came out about 3 to 4 weeks ago.

In case you haven't seen it yet, you can find the full video on the main video screen of the AscendoSphere's homepage, it's on there both in the What's New and The Imzaia Chronicles collections, or you can visit our YouTube channel of course.

Also, the full transcript of Merkaia is available on the AscendoSphere as of yesterday!

You can access the transcript as a Premium or Premium Plus Subscriber. If you're on the Basic Plan, then read up about plans here, on this page. We have tons of content in our Premium Zone that you'd love to immerse yourself in, I'm certain of it.

Alternatively, you can get Merkaia's transcript for 1,95 euro in The Rising Store, on this page.

I'm opening this discussion to announce a MERKAIA Q&A that is going to be coming up in the next days. It's meant as a follow-up to her initial lecture, and to answer questions - deep or detailed - about her presentation. It'll be prerecorded.

As such, I'm inviting you to send in your questions in the next few days, right here in the comments, or you can start a new discussion, whichever you prefer.

Looking forward to channeling Merkaia for what will be a wonderful experience for all.

And I'm excited and curious to read your questions.

With Solarys, Kuthumi, Ekara, Merkaia, Imzaia itself, and many others ready to start the conversation, there's so much more information ready to come through via the shared Imzaia collective, that I can barely stay in my seat! And there is a LOT to say about the massive evolution happening to our reality field right now!

Let's get this show on the road!


Kwan Yin

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  • WOW! I can truly feel the amazing excitement of birthing an ever expanding. The thrill is just so full of joy that I know All is well.

    Much Love


    • Hi Becky! It's very exciting to share in this time of great expansion indeed!

      And I feel very happy that you are here! Enjoy Merkaia and all the other work that is currently on the AscendoSphere! I'm going to be uploading more of the material that was created between 2007 and today in the next days and weeks, and of course current material keeps coming out almost every day!

      Yes, All is Well... How blissful is that?!

      Love always,

      Kwan Yin

  • Hi, dear Kwan Yin...and Merkaia   I would love to ask Merkaia to address how the Flower of Life will be activated by or for plants and animals, how its activation will affect their consciousness, and how life for them will likely change as a result. Also, we are told by Abraham and Bashar in the Imzaia Classic, "The Higher Soul" that a spherical container of love surrounds everything and that all life has already risen up a notch - for example, plants are becoming more like animals, and animals are becoming more like humans. Can we simply assume that this will unfold in reality now on a widespread basis and perhaps  more quickly or is there more to all of this for our plant and animal kingdoms, and how do we influence the changes coming for these kingdoms? 

    Also, can we expect things like a falling away of nature's protective defense mechanisms that support these kingdoms and change to limited herd or pack mentality and hierarchies that exist within these kingdoms to fall away as well? And will the lion really lie down with the lamb?

    When can we expect to see real change? (i.e. would this be part of the 3 year renewal?)



  • This reply was deleted.
    • HI dear Majana! Thanks so much for these questions! Good ones! I'm so looking forward to Merkaia's next visit--have watched the video several times and am very curious to speak with her about what we can expect in the coming months for it's very clear to me that reality creation will not continue as we have known it. I will simply say that I feel I have a lot to learn. Talk soon! Love, Orchid 

This reply was deleted.

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