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Mastering the Grand Illusions - Ep.11 - EKARA

The 11th episode in the Mastering the Grand Illusions series, which you can watch by visiting the AscendoSphere's main page's video section, was recorded in Mount Shasta, California.

It is a very poetic message that we think you will truly enjoy and that you will take many pieces of information from in order to make them your own.

Ekara brings a message of love, peace, serenity, and balance, meant to liberate the soul. He emphasises that mind only defines things and that the grand illusions are nothing more than the definition we give to the attributes of that which we call life. Ekara explains that, in short, "the veil" is the mind, clouding our view, and that all of our senses are locked into this system, preventing us from seeing all the energy around us. 

After all the spiri-technical information that we received in this series so far, today Ekara brings us a poetic message about being the artist of your life. Art cannot be thought of before it comes into existence; it always stems from a freshness, it is not connected to any past or present, or to any expectation or predictability. He explains that this is the way we should create our lives, to always experience this freshness, for this is the authentic approach to life. 

As we de-complexify, or simplify, our lives, we become fully aware of the power of the now. From this space, we can forego the expectations of the unified mind and let go of the grand illusions. This, Ekara continues, is working with akeneic energy.

A heartfelt message from Ascended Life, with many gems of truth in it.

We have opened this discussion on the STUDY FORUM to give you the opportunity to share, explore, discuss and investigate the deeper information, which hides behind every word, of this powerful 11th episode in the MGI Series.


Kwan Yin

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