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Mastering the Grand Illusions - Ep.10 - EKARA

As we begin instalment 10 of the MGI Series, Jeshua takes the helm and navigates us through a multi-dimensional meditation: entering the world of the colour purple, we are given a chance to erase the mental prison.

Ekara follows, in channel, and introduces the audience to the notion that the vibration of a word, a tone, a chord, and a colour, has the ability to bring about a powerful transformation. This is the power of creation, coming from within, coming from the I AM.

The message continues and asks the important question: what is the difference between asking "what can I do?" versus "how can I do it?", which brings us to the concepts of definition and un-definition.

Following this, Ekara discusses our dreams and fantasies, the neocortex, and more, as tools for creation. He continues to explore the power of akeneic memory, and more.

A very special episode, if you ask me.

We have opened this discussion on The AscendoSphere's STUDY FORUM for you to connect with others, and share, explore, express and grow based on the information offered in this tenth episode to the MGI series.


Kwan Yin

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