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Mastering the Grand Illusions - Ep.12 - Satya

In episode 12 of the Mastering the Grand Illusions series, Satya discusses life from a universal, galactic perspective. Calling herself a galactic cluster, a star system, a universe of potential on its own, Satya puts forth that we are becoming the very same thing.

She explains that she understands our struggle to come into full presence and she reminds us that we should only identify with being a point of observation, in order to truly recognize that which is around us, everything of which is alive; there is so much beauty to witness and express.

Satya's message is one of hope, about us being able to let go of fear, which happens when we recognise ourselves in one another. She encourages us, as our Cosmic sister, to continue on the ascension path and to never give up. She emphasises that the I AM includes all life, so how can there be anything on the planet that can bring pain or suffering? It is impossible.

Satya's "Re-Enter the Earth" is a precious part of the MGI Series and places our focus on our own universal, infinite future.

We have created this discussion on the STUDY FORUM to provide a spare for sharing, exploring, and commenting on this twelfth episode of the series.

Of course, questions are always welcome and will be answered either here or during our recordings!


Kwan Yin

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