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Dear Kwan Yin and All of Ascended Life,

Sometimes in my current bubble of reality things happen which seem completely alien to me. I am for instance talking about strongly expressed negativity to small things.

At the same time I am aware of the fact that I create my reality, all of it.

I would love to know how to go about this. Does this for instance mean that I still give too much energy to it while doing the best I can to hold my own space? Or is there more to it? And if so, could you please elaborate on how we can navigate this in order to 'delete' these things from our reality?

Thank you very much.

Much love,

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  • Hello Amy, I am new here and am trying to discover the site. Its been more than a couple of months since your post and I am hoping you had an insight about the condition you explain here. 

    If this was me, I would try to slow down. I mean slllloooooowwww dddoooowwwwnnnn... Sometimes life is a turmoil, and we want to keep things under control. Many choices, many responsibilities, many interests... responsibilities fight with heart, dreams fight with habits... Maybe spectators would not see anything out of ordinary in our lives and they may even persuade us that we are just going nuts :) These are just times to listen very very carefully. 

    If we just slow down and choose to become the eye of the storm, rather than the small dust pieces who try to control the storm. For this we just need to step back, to silence the mind, to maybe give up what we are doing (habitual activities, responsibilities...etc.) if possible, and just sit back to watch the sands settle down. Let the things that our hearts desire most shine.

    I this was happening to me (and of course it does) I would think: I am not my thoughts, I am not my feelings, I am not my habits, I am not my responsibilities. Right now all these are in a race to come forth and dominate my life, but I choose to wait and return to my self. 

    Hope it would resonate. 


    • Hi dear Karida, 

      Thank you for joining in and sharing your perspectives. Yes, you are so right, slowing down surely helps to make sure to remember that we are the observer, to make sure that our own field stays in check. And it could very well be that if we manage to do this as continuous as needed, reality has to catch up with this and not reflect the things that feel alien to me any more. 

      I also very much look forward to what Ascended Life has to share. I am sure there is still loads that we can learn about this.

      Thank you once again, and much love! 

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