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Beloved KY and Rising Team!

I'm so excited about Blessed Gaia's connection tonight on the Ascension Hangout here on the RW AscendoSphere.
I have a question on behalf of a friend, Sam. He's learnt that he has a very very extremly very rare bloodgroup. It's 'ws' ... I think (I'm so sorry I've forgotten it now). It's 'w' something. The medical faculty is gobsmacked. Sam's been looking for some understanding about this for some time now. He's trawled the internet, but not to any satisfaction. Beloved Gaia, please help. Sam also has the most beautiful, softest luminescent dove gre halo in his eyes. Thank You Mama.

On another note, in the previous Ascencion Hangout, Beloved KY mentioned U had a two-Kakra system. Where is Your Heart kakra located? And the other Kakra? I'm assuming it's Your Adonai? 

On a personal note, Thank You Ma Gaia for hosting us, Loving us and Keeping us ... for Everything on Your Beautiful Planet, including the elements of our bodies. Thank YOU <3.
If time allows on the videocast, and if appropriate, please may I ask for some info on my 9-11-14 portal entry on Sunday past, my 54th (9!!!)year on this timeline.
Thank You.
I Love You
Ami ... also Love from Dear Sam

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