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We've been programmed to believe that we live in a dualistic reality and to think in an either/or way. 

If one reality plays out where someone is with me, another one can't play out where that someone is with someone else at the same time. 

And we think that this is normal.

Quite limiting, I’d say.

What if that someone could be in BOTH realities at the same time? Or in more, for that matter?

Lao Tze asked us to stop thinking in dualistic patterns and instead to start looking at reality creation from a quantum point of view.

Now that Gaia is bringing back the Flower of Life geometry, as has been thoroughly discussed in the first three Ascension Hangouts of November 2014, we can come together in a unified field of experience where multiple realities play out at the same time, he said. The quantum reality is already manifesting around us. 

It is a simple as making a choice. 

What do I want to experience? 

Indeed, why should we limit ourselves to the reality that our five senses translate for us?

The more we remind ourselves – and each other – of the magical reality we truly live in, the more this will become our experience. 

As always, we need to be consistent and continuous in shedding the belief systems of a dualistic reality and in keeping our focus on the magic we want to experience. 



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  • Reminds me of Rumi's quote:  Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there!

    Something like that.

  • The heart seems to be the portal, there is a place/vibration where you go, it is like zero point or blank state, linking that place up with the pineal, then at the same time imagining/visioning what you want to create/experience.  We do need to expand beyond the idea of linear time, and space as we know it to be, to expand beyond all limiting beliefs.  We ARE everywhere present,  we ARE all knowing,  we ARE   the creators of our realitiesssssssss!  We ARE all ONE.  The heart space IS where the magic is. Vibration and frequency is the key.  Opening the LOVE door is a prerequisite LOL

    • Very well said, Tom! The heart is indeed the portal. the only space that is real to begin with. Much love 

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    • Ah yes, to be in wonderment and awe about everything around you, to imagine your magical reality into being – that innocent playfulness of a child, that is what we want to remember. The carefree state of the dreamer that is not hampered by belief systems of what is possible and what not. Yes, may our dreams come true, dear Majana! Much love 

  • And when we find ourselves in this 'magical reality' for the moments we're there, we can't even remember what the 'old reality' felt like. Interesting. Thanks Jasmine for this great message! Love, Orchid 

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