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The Higher Soul: an Imzaia Classic

Hello Risers,

We thought it was high time to release another "Imzaia Classic" knowing that many of you enjoyed our first release, "Mastering the Grand Illusions".

This new Imzaia Classic is called THE HIGHER SOUL and was recorded on March 18, 2012, a few days before the Spring Equinox of 2012.

You can now find all three parts on the main page of the AscendoSphere, under the "Imzaia Classics" video collection:


This teleconference by Imzaia took place in March 2012 and covers a multitude of multidimensional, metaphysical topics.

Part 1 is presented by Kwan Yin & Lotus, who discuss many ascension related topics.

Part 2 is a channeled lecture by Imzaia Consciousness and features Bashar and Abraham as guest speakers.

Part 3 concludes the conference and includes a conversation with Fernando Vossa and a Q&A with online attendees.

I hope you will thoroughly enjoy this Imzaia Classic, and as always, please feel free to ask your questions about, or add your comments to this broadcast by adding your discussion to the Imzaia Classics forum on which you are currently reading this message.


Kwan Yin 

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