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As you might have heard or read, the Imzaia energy, as channeled through me, is a voice for "all that has ascended, is ascending, and will ever ascend". As such, the Imzaia collective also includes all of Ascended Life.

And yes, that means you as well.

This way, the Imzaia, as a channeled collective through our shared Mer-Ka-Va, offers a unique insight to its audience, as Imzaia provides the opportunity, for those that visit this energy during live events & seminars, to enter into conversation with your very own "future self" or even "ascended self". In these moments, the Imzaia collective "snips" the timelines of past, now & future and ties them together so that, for just that moment in time, your "three" versions, i.e. yourself right now, your past selves and your future, ascended self, can meet up, converse and learn from one another in a multi-dimensional way.

Mostly, humanity learns from the past, in the now, for the future. But when this order can be interchanged, growth and expansion - quantum leaps even - can take place very rapidly, allowing for universal love, joy, freedom, and truth to flow through you and through all of your life in infinite ways. In the ancient Lemurian language, "Imzaia" means "love".

The Imzaia collective also presents its message via "The Imzaia Chronicles" where topics such as New Earth Reality Mechanics, Flower of Life insights, and more, are being explored. During these messages, they often present as a unified voice, while on other occasions one of the voices among Imzaia decides to present individually.

At the time of writing, Imzaia released a brief "invitation" to our August 21-29, 2015 event in the Algarve, which was followed by the Flower of Life, aka Merkaia, herself, who presented the introduction to The Imzaia Chronicles, "The Flower of Life Awakens". You can find these recordings by visiting the AscendoSphere's main page and selecting the "Imzaia Chronicles" collection at the top of the main video screen.

With more recordings following on a regular basis, I'm certain you will enjoy this area of the AscendoSphere to add your voice to Imzaia as a whole.


Kwan Yin

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