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On the AscendoSphere, we release meditations, which focus on ascension practice and experience, on a regular basis. Mostly, these are shared worldwide freely, via our audience, and listened to many thousands of times.

In this way, via the Internet, many hearts become one, as each meditation that is recorded and released offers a moment of timeless space, where anyone working with it at any point in time of space, meets up and co-creates together.

You can find our meditations by visiting the AscendoSphere's main page and selecting the "Meditations" collection on top of the main video screen.

This discussion on the STUDY FORUM has been opened to invite you to share about the meditations we offer and share with the world. It is my hope that you will find each other here and share in your experiences that are the result of our meditations. Please feel free to do so, open discussions, and explore.

Additionally, I am very open to receiving specific topics, sent in by you via this forum, that you would like me to focus on for future recording of our meditations. Small or large, or both at once, let your imagination run free and share your topics by adding your own discussion on this forum.


Kwan Yin

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