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What Is a Merkava Mission?

Welcome to Merkava Missions, your opportunity to generate positive waves for planet Earth on a massive scale.

A Merkava, in short, is a collection of multiple Merkaba "light body" fields, which combine in a geometrical alignment to effect a healing influence on reality, on a micro or a macro level.

As such, a Merkava is often called a "ship of lights" or a "ship of thought".

While the AscendoSphere, on a physical/digital level, exists as the website that you are currently visiting and the people that are on it, on an akeneic/holographic level, the AscendoSphere is geometrically organised or structured as a Flower of Life based Merkava. It is built in co-creation with anyone that chooses to, anyone who is on this AscendoSphere and is involved in dedicated ascension study and the advancement of All Things from and towards an ever-expanding heart-based reality.

A Merkava Mission is when members (viewers) come together on the AscendoSphere, during a live event, such as an Ascension Hangout, or other types of recordings and broadcasts. Guided in ascension meditation by Kwan Yin, Lotus and members of the collective Imzaia energy, the Merkava takes shape in akeneic space and carries out its shared mission. These missions can range from the small to the large, from assisting one person, to a group of people, to entire continents or the entire planet if needed. They are very powerful experiences and you are honoured for joining them when you choose to.

This area of the STUDY FORUM has been opened to give you the chance:

  • to share about previous Merkava Missions, which you can find in the collection with the same name, in the top navigation of the main page's video screen;
  • or to ask for specific focus, micro or macro, for future Merkava Missions.

If you have any questions about Merkava Missions in general, or about the Merkaba (light body), the Merkava (ship of thought), or the Merkana (hologram of creation), please feel free to ask them in this area of the STUDY FORUM.


Kwan Yin

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