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2016: Life, but not as we know it

Hi beautiful Risers,

Kwan Yin here, touching base with my soul family, which feels wonderful as always. Thank you for taking the time to connect heart to heart, it means the world to my team & I.

How is the month of December going for you so far?

We're only a few days in, and it seems that we are once again in the middle of a powerhouse of a month, which, by now, appears to be well on its way to becoming the new normal.

In a way, the energy of this final month of 2015 does not surprise me. 2015 has proven itself to be a year of tremendously powerful shifts in the lives of everyone on planet Earth. Whether people are sharing about it openly or not, massive changes are happening for everyone; believe me when I say that no one - and no thing - is immune. From human lives, to corporations, to governments, our old and dualistic ways are being washed away by the tsunami of change that we ourselves have conjured into being as the universal consciousness that we, as a collective species called humanity, truly are.

Things change when we put our mind to it, and my goodness, it seems that we haven't just thrown our heads into the equation, but our hearts and bellies as well, followed by everything else we had, including (either as a last resort or for good measure, time will tell) the kitchen sink! :-)

Yes, suffice it to say that humanity has really and truly gone for it this time, and our creative calling is reverberating throughout all of existence!

Big words? Perhaps. But only because I am describing big things, so incredibly huge and massive even, that you might wonder how many people are fully and truly allowing themselves to acknowledge what is now right in front of their noses.

Much like one might wonder whether the ant truly understands - or can even comprehend, for that matter - the human being whose feet appear as mysterious mountains in motion with seemingly no end in sight, we can wonder whether our current state of mind can fully grasp what is really taking place on a cosmic level. The human mind, as it interfaces with the bioholographic brain, is only capable of translating and interpreting reality only to the levels its programming allows it to. As such, is the current human mind capable of grasping what it is on its way to becoming?

I doubt it.
But don't get me wrong: I believe this to be a good thing. Very much so.

Humanity is at its best when it is in the moment, when it is open to surprise and wonder. Predetermination and the repeating nature of the habitual cycles that many of us seem to believe is the fabric of a safe, productive, and meaningful life, in my opinion kills the very spontaneity that makes the human being the marvel that it truly is; the unexpectedness of the now moment taking center stage is the best thing that could ever happen to our species, and we certainly are in the thick of it all when it comes to the month of December 2015...

...and, most likely, you can count the whole of 2016 in as well.

After all, it's a 9-year, 2016, in numerological terms, which signifies our saying goodbye to a level of reality - in this case, a plateau of human consciousness that we have taken for granted as the norm for at least the last 25.000 years - as we spiral upward heading towards what's next. Once we've come out the other side, I believe that humanity, as a collective consciousness, will revel in the unknown, the unwritten, the unexpected and unpredictable newness of the cosmic now and the universal all. That, my friends, is 2016 in a nutshell, from the perspective of Ascended Life.

2016 is about "making it real" as it were, it is that slice of time where you get used to being a conscious, cosmic adult and a conscious reality creator. It's the year of the Inter-Creational Relationship between your heart and the heart of all things. It's going to be a great year that signifies the return of the divine feminine and the divine masculine merged as one heart.

There's more, much more, to say about all of this, of course, and we'll be tackling these topics and more throughout our spectrum of free & premium live broadcasts and prerecorded releases as we fly towards our shared destiny of becoming the sovereign creator that we collectively are while embracing ourselves and one another. In 2016, many will learn something new about the true nature of sovereignty, namely that it's not about separation, walls, boundaries, projected belief systems, or any of that nonsense.

Deep down, many of you must have come to the conclusion that you (as an awakening species) have gotten this particularly tricky concept, which exists as one of the core principles of ascension, all wrong. The awakening and ascending 21st century human seems to have mixed up the entire notion of sovereignty with separation; I can see it everywhere I look. But it's not their fault. They have merely been misguided, again, like they have about so many other things. And I also get why: there's a type of anger (some would even call it a rage) that lurks deeply hidden in the subconscious, which has everything to do with the realization of having allowed oneself to be voluntarily enslaved to duality, and the species' collective subconscious is coming to terms with this at this very moment. Some of that rage is misdirected towards those that can help, but it is not meant to. It happens only until such time as the one that is in the process of realizing what is truly going on has come to the full understanding of one's own responsibility - and that it was you, and no one else, who was to blame for any of it.

You might be reading this and you might think I'm not describing you here. And if that is the case I would respectfully like to ask you to think again and to ponder these things with great clarity and neutrality. Let it be no surprise that if the ideas I am discussing in this piece have any truth to them at all, they would have to be quite hidden from sight for them to take effect and have continued success in doing so.

Without separation.
Without disconnection.
Without the whole "I am better than you" balony.
Without that silly "I need my space" nonsense.

Just... true sovereignty that is not dependent on anything external... and that cannot be shaken by anything external, so it doesn't need to separate from anything external.

Starting to see where you might have gone wrong?

Let's leave it at that for now. Again, 2016 will create much clarity when it comes to sovereignty and some other key pieces of ascension that will take center stage in the year to come. Many eyes, minds, and hearts will open up to the truth of our currently almost unimaginable unity.

2016 is a 9-year, I wrote earlier. In closing, I'd like to add one more notion for you to ponder. Not even my own direct students will know this, but there is a tonal correlation between numerology and the Lemurian kakra system, and it is a connection that exists from the perspective of Flower of Life geometry. It works as follows:

There aren't many people that talk about them in this way, but the Arabic system that we, in the West, use to draw the symbols that represent the numbers 0 to 9, are actually based on the principal energy flow that each mathematical number represents. In other words, when you draw the number 1, or 2, or 5, or any of the numbers between 0 and 9, your hand is tracing the actual energy movement of the vortex (and, in the case of some numbers, the spiral) that is the flow that that number represents. Even shorter: numbers represent the various possibilities in which energy can flow, expand, contract, spiral up, or spiral down, in our universe. It is what they mean but, more importantly, it is what they ARE. And this is why they are so important in the formation of any geometrical shape. Not only do numbers define a particular point in space and time (as modern day mathematics understand numbers to do) but they also define the flow of energy between that point and any other point in space and time, anywhere. That's what you do when you draw a number with your hand, or when you type one on a keyboard and watch it appear on your screen. Think about that next time you do, and your consciousness itself will show you what I mean when you focus on it with enough clarity and grace.

To connect what I have explained about numbers to your three kakras, located in the center of the head, the chest, and the belly, we'll be offering live ascension training exercises on the AscendoSphere's Premium Zone. Courses such as NEW EARTH REALITY MECHANICS and ASCENSION BASICS are just around the corner and will be starting this week. So will our planned online seminars such as THE SOLAR ACTIVATIONS. You can sign up as a Premium Zone Subscriber for a very small monthly fee. Also, this is a link to THE SOLAR ACTIVATIONS online seminar, in case you are interested to learn all the interesting things the Solar system wants to talk to us all about (and believe me, from what I have been able to pick up so far, it's going to be one fascinating ride of five episodes!).

Anyway, my point of this blog is not to delve too deeply into any of these topics, but rather to touch upon some items that are on the horizon and will become part of the discussion in the coming months. Those of you that have been following the Imzaia material for many years might remember a lecture by Solarys called "Free Energy Numerology, Part 1" channeled in 2007-2008, and you might sometimes have wondered why there wasn't a Part 2. Well, the good news is that soon there will be and it will involve what I have touched upon in this blog. Should you have missed "Free Energy Numerology, Part 1" when it was first released, not to worry, we are planning to reupload that lecture (and all 500+ hours worth of past channeled and non-channeled ascension material, by the way, including the English transcripts of these recordings and their translations into other languages) very soon and already have all the technological and coordinative pieces in place to do so. You will see that the concept of the Imzaia Auditorium is going to become very, very alive, beyond our wildest dreams. Imzaia Consciousness is ready to speak after a long time of preparing our hearts to make this connection happen in the most empowering of ways.

We are going to make sure that the rest of 2015 is going to rock as far as providing you opportunities to focus on ascension and the betterment of conditions for all of humanity, and we are going to continue to do so in 2016. And if you are wondering why I come across as being so certain of this, then let me tell you that it is because I can feel you, the reader, individually, and you, my entire soul family as a whole, right in the center of my chest, in my akene as the Lemurians would say. You are part of my core, my now, my every thought and breath, and together with all of us, in that inter-creational relationship, we are the all. How, under such a circumstance, would it be possible for me to not be certain of these things, I ask you, as we smile and we embrace each other, ourselves, and the world.

I Love You,

Kwan Yin

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Kwan Yin is an Ascended Master Teacher who, with over 5200 non-linear years of experience when it comes to personal ascension training, metaphysics and universal, intergalactic philosophy, is here to help.

The body Kwan Yin currently resides in is of male origin. In 2007, a massive transition happened where the “Original Body Owner” left and Ascended Master Beings took over the body in order to be on Planet Earth once again with one mission only: to be of service and assistance to those human beings that feel the calling to raise their energy above the mental matrix standard and therefore step onto the ascension path, releasing themselves from the chains of reincarnation and the finite nature of the personality's existence.

Kwan Yin received ascension training by Lao Tze, whom she calls her Teacher, over 4000 linear years ago in China, on the island of Yangshuo, at the original Ascension House, which exists outside of linear time and physical space. She served under Lao Tze as "First Ascendee", a position that enabled her to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of ascension students during her run. The House is still an ultimate location for anyone going through the ascension process today.

Currently, it is Kwan Yin's responsiblity, as given to her by her Teacher, to take the ascension process into the 21st Century and open it up as a path of choice to all humanity without any secrets or hidden mysteries to remain. Ascension needs to become a practical study that is as "normal" and achievable as attending any university or choosing any walk of life.

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  • Wow, dear Kwan Yin,  This is quite a beautiful and empowering message for all, shared in perfect and eternal love and wisdom, as always. I am learning more and more, experientially, that transcending the illusion of separation is the whole enchalada to finally realizing and living as One Heart, One Mind and One Belly and that this is who we always 'have been' and always 'will be.' I feel this in my Akene and when I am not feeling this, I know it is a choice and my responsibility to change my focus. In many respects, it feels like if we had not created this for ourselves, we would not have been able to fully appreciate what it truly means to be sovereign and step into our true power, without judgment, without limitation, and with the fullness of celebration our ascension journeys deserve, being the truest 'whole enchilada' there is!  What a year it has been and what is coming will be phenomenal!Infinite appreciation and love to you and to Ascended Life for your ever present love and guidance in showing us all the way. 

    All my Love,


  • Thank you so much dear Kwan Yin, this is a beautiful and powerful message!!

    Yes, massive changes for me in 2015, I definitely reliased and let go loads of things I no longer need in my life. I feel empty at moment, perhaps it isn't a bad thing. I'm ready for 2016, I'm ready to create and I'm ready for more changes!! 

    Much love to you Kwan Yin and all of Ascended Life

  • Hi Kwan Yin   Thank you for the up date. Love the message.Yes things are going very fast for us. Had to go to the dentist and refill some teeth. Our well is going, we are converting to city water.Old house, alot of up keep.  I had a dream about the number nine.Saw nine nines all in a roll.strange dream.And i keep dreaming I'am flying. Had the flying dream from little on.Yes i feel change in the air, keep feeling like the caterpillar just waiting to become a beautiful butterfly.Love always Joyce

  • Thank you, dear Kwan Yin for this beautiful and empowering message. These are extremely exciting times, I bet everyone can feel that there is a lot of change in the air. What a blessing to us all that you, and All of Ascended Life are guiding us, that you translate for us what is happening with reality and that you assist us to navigate through this. It helps to be able to do this with joy and a feeling of wonderment. 

    Infinite Love and Gratitude, to you, and All of Ascended Life! Thank you for being here  

  • Thank you so very much for your message dear Kwan Yin. Surely agree that nothing fees the same. And that's good. Think we can all feel it--the fabric of our lives, all that makes up what we call our reality feels unmistakably different. Definitely feel 'unplugged' from something. There is a freedom that is palpable and with it, an undeniable responsibility for what we are creating, just as Solarys spoke of. Again, we have spoken these words for a long time however now, the theory has become very very practical.

    Our connection to one another is even more obvious it ever has. We can create beauty together easily and gracefully if we choose this. Yeah there are bumps along the way as we learn how not to create together. And one feels so radically different from the other. The simplicity of staying in the heart and not going into the complexity of the mind also so evident, just as Merkaia spoke of. SO much yet to learn--just getting started.

    And we can share what we're learning with one another. So glad we have family around us! Thank you Kwan Yin and all of Ascended Life.

    With much love,


  • i love this  <3

  • Are you talking to me??

    Definitely, yes.

    Sometimes, I have that type of anger (that now is not hidden anymore) about the realization of having allowed oneself (the self ???) to be voluntarily enslaved to duality.

    Oh, and "I need my space".

    I am intrigued, too,  with the  "Free Energy Numerology", and enthusiastically waiting for "Part 2".

    Thank You, Beloved One.

    Love You   


  • Dear Kwan Yin, 

    Wow! What an absolutely wonderful editorial!  I'm quite blown away by the beautiful message of hope, grand changes with New Earth just around the illusory corner .

    I am very intrigued by the Free Energy Numerology and how this is all connected to our kakra points. As such, I am greatly looking forward to the sequel of the first part we received back in 2008. And what you tell us about sovereignty — true sovereignty, not the ego based notion of sovereignty that separates us even further from who we truly are. 

    Thank you so very much for this amazing and beautifully written message. 

    Love always, Jasmine 

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