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A Compassionate Choice

Some simple truths:

  • We know that energy tends to raise itself naturally.
  • We also know that we create our reality.

As Jeshua has said, ‘Complete beings don’t take, they share.’

So as we move forward on the path of ascension, with the return of consciousness to our lives, we can help each other.

As Kuthumi has said in the article Your Choices Affect Everything

‘YOU and your CHOICES and what you choose TO BE TODAY…..will DIRECTLY AFFECT not only your personal inner and outer experience of life but that of all beings conscious and unaware.

You have not simply found all of this truth throughout your life because the THEORY of it will benefit you and all things. You have chosen to find it and it has chosen to find you because when YOU and TRUTH combine, ACTION is the RESULT.’ 

So let’s say one of us is having a difficult time;

And one of us is in a good space;

The one of us that is creating our reality in a good space can uplift the one of us who is having a hard time.


On our ascension path, the more that we can consistently and continuously apply our building blocks of reality creation, namely, love, joy, freedom, truth, and life, the more that we can cultivate these internal attributes, the more compassion we can bring to those around us. Which helps them do the same.

We are sharing, not taking. This is compassion. We can embody compassion, kindness, and grace and we can share these with one another.

So as consciousness returns to our lives, we can affect massive change not only in our own lives but also in the lives of so called ‘others’ around us.

This is what our Ascended Master Teachers demonstrate by example, consistently and continuously. The deepest of gratitude for this.

Since there is no ‘other’ but all is us;

We literally are one being;

Since everything around us IS us;

The most powerful thing we can do to transform what we call our reality;

is to ascend.


Orchid Rising

The past four years have been a vey profound journey of self discovery on the path of personal ascension. Along the way, I’ve come to see that I’m surely not who I thought I was. It’s been refreshing to say the least. If I can help make your path a little more graceful, that would make me smile! This is what it’s about—helping each other.

I’m over the moon excited to be connecting with you via our podcasts, videos, study groups and blogs! There’s a LOT of expansive information to share! I’m immensely grateful to have a role in creating a thriving, interactive community, dedicated to the serious study of personal ascension, actively encouraging and supporting each other. The warmest of welcomes to The Rising Way!

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