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Creating Our Reality

As ascension students we have learned that we are the creator of our reality and we are that which we create. Our thoughts create. This means that whatever we think will manifest in some way or other, whether we like it or not. 

It becomes imperative, therefore, that we take full responsibility of our creations and choose our thoughts very carefully. I’ve experienced many times how destructive old thought patterns are for my reality creation. 

Mind cannot create new thoughts. It can only copy what it knows and it needs to compare new ideas with what it has learned already in order to make sense of it. That is why more often than not we keep recreating the past, pulling in experiences that have been had already.

Buying into what we see happening in our reality is a huge trap. Even though we know that it is not real, matter does not exist and that everything is but a projection, our minds will tell us that what we see is real, that the people and the situations we encounter are real. It is the way we are programmed to think.

Let’s take an example: You are living in a seaside town. It is January and the tourist season has not opened up yet. In fact, most restaurants and hotels are closed until spring. You are looking for work in the hospitality business but everyone tells you to forget it until March or April. Do you buy into this story or do you take charge of your reality creation by dismissing any of these comments and the inevitable thoughts that this must be true because wherever you go you are told the same thing? 

When you accept and understand that the reality you see reflected on the outside – the world you live in, in other words – is your creation, then you can take charge of how you want your reality to be. 

Ekara taught us in The Six Simplicities that our life is an illusion. We do not have to accept what is presented to us by the outside world. We do not have to buy into the fact that it is low season and that, therefore, jobs in our field of work are not available. 

Reality creation is all about focus – focusing on that which you want to create and dismissing any thoughts that would tell you that “this is just how it is” and “you can’t do anything about that” or something to that extent. 

As long as we don’t identify with the thoughts that mind feeds us to pull us out of our conscious creatorship, it really is not as difficult as we think it is. It does take unabated focus, as I said, as we so easily slip into the patterns we are used to, especially when thoughts like “it is winter and everything is closed” are being reinforced by the outside world time and again.

I have experienced for myself how my reality creation is often showing glitches, meaning that it did not manifest in the exact way I intended it to manifest because I’ve identified with thoughts which would tell me that something is not possible for some linear reason or other. Then I not only buy into old thought patterns but also into linearity itself. And that is what we want to get out of after all. 

It takes a lot of awareness in order not to allow the programming to run, and mind has a way of very easily distracting us from that focus. Before we know it, we have identified with these thoughts and we find ourselves pondering them. We might even start to believe that what we want to achieve is actually quite difficult, if not impossible.

As always, it is about staying as conscious as we possibly can in every moment and recognizing the instant these thoughts, that are not ours to begin with, come in to distract us. 

The good thing is that this is a finite process. Right now it still needs quite some effort to first of all recognize these 3D thoughts and then to dismiss them instantly without allowing them to lead us astray. 

It will get easier, we have been told. Consistency and continuity are key, as Lao Tze said.

I trust that practice will make perfect. 

Much love,

Hello, I am Jasmine. I’m a student of ascension — first and foremost. I’m a writer because of that and I’m passionate about both. On this path of making known the unknown, experiences, insights, and magic abound! These then I would like to share with you. Ascension has become practical.

You have found the AscendoSphere, and this means that you are interested in the practical aspects of ascension. On my site you’ll find my experiences and a-ha moments poured into blogs, articles and bleeps — and maybe even into a poem or two. It is my wish to inspire you and trigger you to dig deep. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me your questions and your input by mail. I will assist you in any way I can. Enjoy your journey!

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