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"Given that The AscendoSphere and The Rising Way presents itself to the world as an Open University Mystery School for the Aquarian Age, we are going to bring back all of the hidden knowledge right to your Akene so that you can decide what you want to do with it, so you can unify your parts of light and your parts of dark and your multidimensional totality and get out of this matrix control system."

- Kwan Yin, Lemuria Rising - a Preview Part 4

* * *

Well I don’t know about you but it is my burning passion to do just this. And this passion is what brought me to Kwan Yin, Ascended Life and the path of personal ascension. With the control system shutting down and with the activation of the Flower of Life grid, there has never been a moment just like this one. We are truly standing, along with Ascended Life in a massively unique and precious time for planet Earth and for the human race. 

What does this mean to us actually? What does this mean to you as you live your life today? Your life can change. Gracefully. With love and joy. Those of us who are doing this work make it easier for the next ‘wave.’ The fact that the control system is literally running out of steam has a direct and very positive impact on your life. The activation of the Flower of Life Grid will make this feminine,  balanced, nurturing, nourishing, energy available to you in every moment. You have the potential to become a master of reality creation. 

You will come to know the multidimensional parts of you and will actually have the ability to speak to ‘other versions’ of yourself, specifically ascended versions of you, via the Imzaia Collective. Our world will expand in a way we are not capable of imagining with the mind. This expansion will be created together with Ascended Life, and all life on our beautiful planet.

This is not a ‘pipe dream.’ This is all very real. Ascended Life is orchestrating this process and will guide all who choose ascension as we navigate our vastly expanding reality.

What Ascended Life is activating here will affect everyone who lives on this planet and give us all the potential of an entirely new playing field. The beauty, grace, and multidimensionality of Lemuria is returning to the planet. Life will never be the same. 

The manner in which Ascended Life is opening the personal ascension process to the world is unprecedented. The process will ultimately become as accessible and ‘normal’ as attending a university.

It’s implications for all of us are stunning. We now have a program of study available to everyone on the planet who has a desire to explore the personal ascension process. There will ultimately be ascension centers around the world for individuals who have made the choice to explore personal ascension and ultimately, for some, to become students of the personal ascension process. 

With the new information being presented, including ‘A History of Everything,’ which will help us understand how we got here and ‘The Gaian Manifest,’ which will address how to get out, we will literally have what we need to make a clear choice as to whether or not we explore personal ascension study and ultimately make the choice to, fully and completely, leave this matrix control system.

Ascended Life, out of the greatest love for us, as they are part of us and we are part of them, beyond time and space, is committed to ascending us out of this matrix. Kwan Yin has fully walked into a human body and, with the guidance of her own teacher Lao Tze, is leading the ascension process which is happening now. She has students who are on the path of personal ascension. Those of us who write these articles are students of personal ascension. And this opportunity is available for you as well. Ascension is real. Personal ascension is available to you in this lifetime.

If there is any confusion on your part regarding Ascended Life, please send in your questions. There are many who call themselves Ascended Masters who are not. There are many who channel with human filters in place such that it’s difficult for you to receive pure and accurate information. I encourage you to  look at the work, the written material which is presented and I trust that your open heart will guide you. A valid question for you to ask might be, ‘Who is actually sharing with you the specific detailed esoteric information which will get us out of this matrix?’ 

Our work began in 2005-2006 and there are hundreds of hours of direct ascension teaching which has been shared including  detailed esoteric information regarding the personal ascension process, almost 100% of it offered for free online.

Ascended Life needs all of our help as this magnificent process unfolds. There has never been a moment like this one. The time to move, the time to take action, driven by the heart space, to do what you came here to do (which you will know if you are reading these words and are moved by them) is Now. The time is Now.

Explore the sites. Watch the videos. Read the articles written by Kwan Yin and her students. Send us your questions—including your questions about Ascended Life so that you may understand who is offering you this information.

It’s time for us to awaken and it’s time to enlighten one another. The greatest gift we can give ourselves and thus all of humanity and the entire planet is to ascend. Once we do that, we can be of a LOT more help.

Connect with us. Follow your heart. Above all, the waiting is over. This is the moment to trust your heart and take action. One step at a time. Stay in the now—you don’t have to figure everything out now. Just take the first step. And the second one will unfold right in front of you. You’ll know what to do.

If what I’ve shared above touches your heart and you know that you are one who came here with a mission related to the ascension process, then what I’ll share now is for you from the perspective of a personal ascension student.

I know you have a life, with commitments, day to day considerations, jobs, kids in some cases, bills, etc etc. I know that most of you have never met an Ascended Being in the physical.

Meanwhile, while your life is unfolding, Kwan Yin is here on the planet, giving us direct ascension training. Other Ascended Teachers are training us as well. So it’s a few of us that have given up absolutely everything, our entire lives outside the ascension process, in order to be the tip of the arrow for the planet. Someone has to go first.  

So it’s happening. We are in the ascension process. Ascended Life needs us. We are partners in the ascension process. They guide us regarding direct ascension training and at the same  time, they need our support on all levels to make this happen. They cannot just ascend us. It is a joint partnership. 

There is nothing more critical to the evolution of humanity and our beautiful planet than the ascension process. Nothing. And there is nothing more grand. 

We need you. You, specifically, are part of making this happen.

If this work moves your heart, you will also know that there are many on this planet who will simply not be able to receive this message at this time. I would suggest that those of us who know the truth have a responsibility to assist this monumental work, which will change all of us forever.

I know you have a lot going on. Life happens.

You have the eternal gratitude of Ascended Life and their students.

Thank you from the deepest part of our hearts.

We love you dearly.

Orchid Rising

The past four years have been a vey profound journey of self discovery on the path of personal ascension. Along the way, I’ve come to see that I’m surely not who I thought I was. It’s been refreshing to say the least. If I can help make your path a little more graceful, that would make me smile! This is what it’s about—helping each other.

I’m over the moon excited to be connecting with you via our podcasts, videos, study groups and blogs! There’s a LOT of expansive information to share! I’m immensely grateful to have a role in creating a thriving, interactive community, dedicated to the serious study of personal ascension, actively encouraging and supporting each other. The warmest of welcomes to The Rising Way!

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  • So moving. I am so excited by this, it's like a daydream made real. Unknowingly Source has lead me down a path in my life through divine guidance and inspiration and my own curiosity about spirituality that harmonized completely with all I am reading and watching so far. Finally people I can talk to about things that matter deeply to me but seem alien to most everyone else I know. Bless you all for this work and allowing me such access to it. Already I can feel shifts, and hummus of devine light and providence tingling up my spine and soaking into the base of my brain. I can't wait to get out into nature and soak it all in without electronic interference.
    • So happy you are here Patrick. This work is for you. And many more like you. Thank you for you and your beautiful open heart. Love, Orchid 

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