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Little Funky Inverted Synchronicities

Hello, High Risers!

Funny thing happened on the way to ascension!

I'm sitting here editing and publishing articles for The Rising Way Magazine at the moment, as well as ploughing through a goddess of a birth for a new article I am releasing on The AscendoSphere shortly.

As I am in the process of doing the layout for someone's new article we are about to release on the main site, I have the passing thought:

"Do you remember that time when David Wilcock told the story on one of his videos of the time he was working on releasing an article via the Wordpress engine that you are using now too, and when he pressed 'save draft' all of a sudden the edits of the article just disappeared?"

No sooner had I cast the so-called 'passing thought' (yeah right!) aside, when I pressed 'save draft'... and what do you think happened next?

Yes indeed... *poof* and gone!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we create our reality with those little vibratory elements we call 'our' thoughts. But they're not 'our' thoughts at all, not all of them at least.

Do you have any experiences to share of these sorts of instant thought manifestations, little funky inverted synchronicities as I like to call them, happening to you? I'd love to hear about them, and I'd love to engage in a discussion on those 'little funky inverted synchronicities', i.e. that part of the spectrum of thoughts that we consider our own but really, honestly, aren't... something that we probably all know and feel if we dig deeper into it.

You can share your own experiences that you've had, similar to this one, right here in the comment section, or better yet, engage your fellow Risers on the AscendoSphere Forum and liberate the writer within!

Thoughts, anyone?

Choose well. Laugh often.
Love always.

Kwan Yin

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Kwan Yin is an Ascended Master Teacher who, with over 5200 non-linear years of experience when it comes to personal ascension training, metaphysics and universal, intergalactic philosophy, is here to help.

The body Kwan Yin currently resides in is of male origin. In 2007, a massive transition happened where the “Original Body Owner” left and Ascended Master Beings took over the body in order to be on Planet Earth once again with one mission only: to be of service and assistance to those human beings that feel the calling to raise their energy above the mental matrix standard and therefore step onto the ascension path, releasing themselves from the chains of reincarnation and the finite nature of the personality's existence.

Kwan Yin received ascension training by Lao Tze, whom she calls her Teacher, over 4000 linear years ago in China, on the island of Yangshuo, at the original Ascension House, which exists outside of linear time and physical space. She served under Lao Tze as "First Ascendee", a position that enabled her to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of ascension students during her run. The House is still an ultimate location for anyone going through the ascension process today.

Currently, it is Kwan Yin's responsiblity, as given to her by her Teacher, to take the ascension process into the 21st Century and open it up as a path of choice to all humanity without any secrets or hidden mysteries to remain. Ascension needs to become a practical study that is as "normal" and achievable as attending any university or choosing any walk of life.

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